THUNDERBOLT OF THE WEEK September 11, 2015

Airman 1st Class Anthony Capanear

Detachment 12, 372nd Training Squadron

F-16 tactical aircraft maintenance apprentice

Hometown: Tuscon

Years in service: Seven months

Family: Wife and 3-year-old son

Inspirations: Family friends

Goals: Make a career of the Air Force, possibly cross-train into the medical field, pursue a bachelor’s degree in wildlife sciences

Greatest feat: Helping people and saving lives as an emergency medical technician

Self-description: Tenacious, work driven, family loving, aka a “go-to” guy

Famous last words: “It’s never as bad or good as it seems.”

Off-duty interests: Hunting guide, fishing, outdoor sportsman

Commander’s comments: “As a new recruit to the U.S. Air Force, Airman Capenear demonstrates the qualities we seek in young Airmen,” said Capt. Matthew Avila, 372nd TRS, Det. 12. He remained cool under pressure when on his second day of instruction, a fellow student lost consciousness. As a prior EMT, Capanear performed self-aid buddy care. When the student regained consciousness, Capanear questioned the individual to determine mental status. He relayed vital medical information to paramedics allowing them to quickly take control.

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