THUNDERBOLT OF THE WEEK September 11, 2015

Airman 1st Class Jose Arbelo-Rodriguez

56th Logistics Readiness Squadron

Vehicle operator/dispatcher

Hometown: Camuy, Puerto Rico

Years in service: Two

Family: Dad, Jose Arbelo-Nieves; mother, Marilyn Rodriguez-Valpais; sister, Yaritza and brother, Luis Arbelo-Rodriguez

Education: Certificate of pharmacy technician at University Inter Americana of Puerto Rico, certificate of culinary arts at ICPR Junior College

Inspirations: My biggest inspiration is my father who worked hard to provide for us

Goals: Attain a bachelor’s degree in accounting; retiree from the Air Force

Greatest feat: Graduating basic and technical training turned my life around

Off-duty interests: Spend time with family, girlfriend, friends

Commander’s comments: “Airman Arbelo-Rodriguez is an incredible Airman and a valuable asset to the vehicle operations team,” said Lt. Col. Greg Boschert, 56th LRS commander. “He clearly demonstrated the core values on Aug. 26 in support of the 310th Fighter Squadron Range Day. He was operating a 44 Pax Bus with 18 passengers on board when he experienced a front tire blowout at highway speed. He handled this emergency exactly the way he was trained to do. His calmness and skill prevented what could have been a disastrous result.

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