56th Medical Group

56th Aerospace Medicine Squadron

Mission: Support 56th Fighter Wing flying, training and deployment mission through superior aeromedical, optometric, occupational, environmental and preventive medicine programs.

Demographics: There are 59 military active-duty personnel, six civilians and four contractors.


Commander: Lt. Col. Robert Craig-Gray

Squadron superintendent: Master Sgt. Jeremy Roberts

Responsibilities: Flight and Operational Medicine Clinic is responsible for the health and welfare of those on fly and control status as well as their dependents. Additionally, FOMC provides medical oversight for PRP certification and is responsible for flightline emergency response.

Public Health prevents disease, disability, morbidity and death through effective use of population-based PH programs. Conducts epidemiological surveillance and analysis of communicable, environmental, occupational morbidity and mortality to establish and prioritize strategies for prevention and intervention. Public Health also ensures that members assigned to the wing are ready and fit to deploy.

Bioenvironmental Engineering uses a comprehensive approach to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and control chemical, physical, radiological, and biological hazards to people in the air, water or ground from cradle to grave.

Optometry Clinic is comprised of dedicated and compassionate professionals who specialize in providing high quality, primary eye care and urgent need services supporting wartime readiness and sustaining combat capability in support of the aerospace medicine mission. Our team provides state-of-the-art eye health care that specializes in comprehensive vision care and clinical optometry services.

Health Promotions manages the wing’s health and wellness through community health education programs, tobacco cessation efforts, fitness and nutrition classes as well as one-on-one counseling by subject-matter experts.

Fun facts: The 56th AMDS has two consecutive AETC Team Aerospace of the Year awards.

56th Medical Operations Squadron

Mission: Ensures medical readiness of the human weapon’s system for the Air Force’s largest

fighter wing while seamlessly providing patient-centered care with Airmen and families to

keep them healthy for life and ready to support the mission.

Demographics: There are 224 active-duty and civilian members.


Commander: Col. Stephen Boden

Superintendent: Senior Master Sgt. Rochelle Hemingway

Responsibilities: The Medical Operations Squadron provides comprehensive medical care to 5,500 uniformed personnel and 92,000 beneficiaries by promoting health, maintaining wellness and minimizing the impact of illness. The Family Health, Medical Services, Surgical Services and Mental Health flights support more than 140,000 ambulatory visits and 500 patient surgeries annually.

Fun facts: MDOS is the best-looking squadron in the wing.

56th Medical Support Squadron

Mission: We exist to provide seamlessly integrated support through excellent patient care.

Demographics: There are 180 active-duty, civilian and contract members.


Commander: Lt. Col. Lauren Byrd

Superintendent: Senior Master Sgt. Shawn Thompson

Responsibilities: MDSS ensures ready fighting forces by providing administrative, financial, data analysis, management, and therapeutic services essential to health promotion, and healthcare of 5,600 active-duty, Reserve military, and civilian employees, and 92,000 eligible beneficiaries. The squadron prepares wing personnel for expeditionary operations to support global missions by supporting 234,000 annual patient encounters in an integrated $100 million managed-care environment.

Fun facts: MDSS is a multidisciplinary team of specialty codes making it the most diverse squadron in the wing.

56th Dental Squadron

Mission: Provide innovative and seamless dental care to ensure mission-ready warfighters.

Demographics: There are 45 military and civilian members.


Commander: Col. Russell Boester

Superintendent: Senior Master Sgt. Kari Boyles

Responsibilities: The Dental Squadron provides annual examinations, prophylaxis, routine and specialty care to our tri-service active-duty population. We strive to ensure all active-duty members are dental deployment ready.

Fun facts: In early America, blacksmiths often also served as dentists. How about a tooth filling to go with your new horse shoes?

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