Editor’s Note: The “People First” section is compiled from information from the Air Force Personnel Center, TRICARE, 56th Force Support Squadron, Airman and Family Readiness Flight, Veterans Affairs, the civilian personnel office and armed forces news services. For the complete story, go to the web address listed at the end of the story.

SEJPME program completes transition to Joint Staff J-7

The Joint Staff J-7 Joint Knowledge Online Division in Suffolk, Virginia, has assumed responsibility for the Senior Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education program, capping a year-long transition from the National Defense University.

The Joint Staff J-7, director for Joint Force Development, outlined directives for the SEJPME program in response to the Enlisted Military Education Review Council recommendation to revise the SEJPME program to encompass two stages; one for the E6/E7 community and another for the E8/E9 community.

Effective September 2014, the Joint Staff J-7 JKO Division assumed responsibility from NDU for developing the next generation, two-stage SEJPME program, and took full responsibility for administering the SEJPME program Sept. 1, 2015.

As a phased transition, JKO updated and enhanced the legacy course and began offering it on JKO in May 2015 as a web-based course including 11 modules, comprising more than 40 hours of multi-media, interactive, online instruction. The SEJPME course prepares senior enlisted leaders assigned to joint organizations (or those with orders to joint organizations) to successfully support activities and supervise multiple service members.

Voluntary departure for Incirlik dependents extended 30 days

On Oct. 2, the authorized voluntary departure for dependents of those assigned to Incirlik Air Base or living in the surrounding area, including the city of Adana, was extended for 30 additional days.

The extension was approved by the deputy secretary of defense to continue ensuring the safety and security of dependents. The departure window now closes Nov 2.

Dependents may choose to depart at any time during the departure window, but will not be allowed to return to Incirlik AB until the authorized voluntary departure has ended. It is important to note that the departure window can continuously be extended in 30 day increments, up to 180 days, based on the security environment.

Families that are considering participating in the AVD should contact their unit’s first sergeant to begin the process. To date, 39 command sponsored dependents have used the AVD program.

Women’s health: Take time to get checked

Each October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, women are reminded to put themselves first and make time for their health. Making health a priority helps people stay in optimum shape and keeps illnesses and disease at bay.

Women often put their families’ needs ahead of their own, ignoring minor symptoms year after year until they affect their health. Using preventive care is one of the best ways to stay healthy.

Each year, women should get a well-woman exam. Typically during the exam, blood pressure is checked and women should talk to their health care provider about what other screenings, immunizations or family planning they might need based on their age, health habits, and family and medical history.

The American Cancer Society recommends all women should begin cervical cancer screening at age 21. Women from ages 21 to 29, should have a Pap test every three years. Thanks to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, most private health plans must cover this and other preventive care services at no cost. TRICARE also covers annual preventive women’s health services that may include a Pap test, pelvic and breast exam, and mammogram at no cost.

AF announces squadron commander candidates

More than 980 officers from 29 career fields were selected by development teams as 2016 support, logistics, materiel leader, training, recruiting and medical commander candidates.

“This is a highly competitive selection process,” said Joseph Marchino, Air Force Personnel Center assignment officer. “Development teams carefully reviewed all aspects of officers’ records, duty history, demonstrated leadership ability, professional development and permanent change of station eligibility in identifying the most qualified candidates available for command.”

For more specific career field requirements, officers should refer to the appropriate career field page on the myPers website.

“Selected candidates have demonstrated traits essential for leading Airman to day-to-day operational success,” Marchino said. “Additionally, squadron commanders are the best positioned to recognize and develop the talents and skills of their personnel for future leadership opportunities.”