AAFES makes game-winning touchdown

Photo by Senior Airman DEVANTE WILLIAMS

The 56th Component Maintenance Squadron team and the Army and Air Force Exchange Services team stepped onto the field Oct. 8 for an intramural football match at Luke Air Force Base. AAFES defeated CMS 40-34.

CMS came into the game undefeated and was on a mission to keep the streak alive.

The match began with CMS scoring the first touchdown after a long drive, bringing the score to 7-0 with 10 minutes left in the first half. AAFES wasn’t going down without a fight as they also scored, tying the game 7-7.

Both teams had amazing energy with no signs of slowing down and before the half was over, both scored again. At the end of the first half, the score was 19-14 CMS.

AAFES was determined to come back and break CMS’s winning streak.

“Our goal was simple, just move the ball” said Ceaser Delverdo, AAFES quarterback. “Our defense is making the plays to stop them, so we just need to score the touchdowns and we will win.”

The second half of the game proved to be a highlight for both teams, as they continued to score back-to-back, tying the score at 28-28 with only five minutes left in the second half.

Even though AAFES was playing heavy defense, it wasn’t enough to stop CMS from reaching the end zone as they scored again to bring the score to 34-28 with three minutes left in the game. It looked as though CMS was going to win it all, but that was the end of their scoring. AAFES went for broke and scored, tying the game.

With the game tied and only a minute left, AAFES was looking to win it all. They made it to the 20-yard line with 15 seconds on the clock. Delverdo threw a Hail Mary pass to Mark Pierrelouis, AAFES wide receiver, with two defenders on him but still made the catch, giving AAFES the win.

“We came and played with energy and won the game,” Pierrelouis said. “Defense made plays, and our quarterback was making great plays. It feels good catching a game-winner.”