Keep kids happy, safe on Halloween


With Halloween looming on the horizon, children and adults will soon be donning costumes and out in the streets trick-or-treating.

Halloween is on a Saturday this year, and as is true every year, it comes with a responsibility to make sure everyone stays safe. While children and adults eagerly await the night to be here, there are a few precautions to take to keep it safe and enjoyable.

Going out on Halloween?

• If driving, stay aware of the surroundings. Watch for children wearing dark clothing or crossing streets, medians or parking lots.

• Parents should ensure children are properly clothed and visible when walking the streets. Choose light-colored fabrics for greater visibility. If costumes include darker colors, make sure to use reflective tape or wear a reflective belt.

• Costumes that limit visibility or the ability to walk can be dangerous. Make sure the costume fits properly. If children are wearing a mask, be sure it fits well and has large eye holes.

• Homeowners should ensure areas around the home are free from clutter to avoid anyone getting injured. Avoid leaving pets in the yard. They could scare or injure themselves or others coming to the door.

• Ensure children have flashlights or glow sticks.

• Real jack-o’-lanterns with candles are appropriately spooky but can also be hazards. Keep them out of the path to the front door.

• Adults should inspect the treats before children are allowed to eat them. Discard candy in packages that are already open.

Use common sense if attending a Halloween party. If driving to or from a party, do not wear a mask or face covering while driving. If alcohol is being consumed, drink responsibly. Use the buddy system and make sure to have a ride home.

Good planning can ensure everyone stays safe and enjoys Halloween.  Following these safety precautions and having good operational risk management help to ensure everyone has a safe and good time.