OCTOBER: Energy Awareness Month


October is Energy Awareness Month and Luke Air Force Base is committed to reducing energy consumption to meet all conservation directives.

The Luke Energy Program is designed to comply with federally mandated energy goals while maintaining a healthy and productive workplace.

The latest energy reduction goals are specified in Executive Order 13693 and focus primarily on energy intensity reduction and increased use of clean energy through renewable electric and alternative energy.

Energy intensity requires a reduction of 2.5 percent, relative to the fiscal 2015 baseline, annually through the end of fiscal 2025.

Keep in mind the Air Force theme for this year’s energy awareness campaign, “Mission Assurance through Energy Assurance,” puts Airmen at the center of the campaign. The goal is to inspire the total force to be more efficient so they can give the Air Force an assured energy advantage in air, space and cyberspace.

Ideas to reduce energy in the work area:

• Purchase Energy Star certified appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, desk lighting, etc.

  Turn off office equipment such as monitors, printers, and copy and fax machines at night and on weekends.

• Report energy waste, including water leaks, building deficiencies and energy abuse.

• Check the age and condition of major appliances, especially the refrigerator. Replace it with a more energy efficient model, if needed.

Another easy-to-implement initiative is to survey incandescent lights for opportunities to replace them with compact fluorescents. These lamps can save three-quarters of the electricity used by regular bulbs. Compact fluorescents come in many sizes and styles to fit in most standard fixtures. Other good targets are the four-foot lamp fixtures with metallic ballast. Replace these with 28-watt lamps and electronic ballast.

Remember, avoid overcooling air-conditioned spaces and report all energy problems in the building to the facility manager or energy monitor.

The 56th Civil Engineer Squadron and Arizona Public Service, the utility provider, will promote energy awareness month by making information on energy and water conservation available throughout the month, including tips on how to conserve natural resources.

Everyone is encouraged to be vigilant and persistent in the effort to reduce energy consumption in fiscal 2016. Keep conservation in mind at all times, not only to meet base goals, but to become good stewards of natural resources for the generations to come.