AFOSI seeks top-quality Airmen at recruiting fair

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The Air Force Office of Special Investigations at Luke Air Force Base will soon hold its annual recruiting fair.

AFOSI is responsible for investigating major crimes against the Air Force, Defense Department and the United States. AFOSI directly denies the abilities of terrorist networks and foreign intelligence efforts.

With more than 2,700 members, AFOSI has been the Air Force’s premier investigative service since August 1948. AFOSI conducts criminal investigations, fraud investigations and counterintelligence activities servicing leaders at every echelon of Air Force command.

In doing so, AFOSI must replenish its agent cadre and its primary source of new agents is the active-duty enlisted force. Therefore they are seeking exceptional NCOs for duty as enlisted special agents.

“Airmen from every career field who join AFOSI bring something different and unique to the fight,” said Special Agent Mark Paradis, AFOSI Headquarters Applicant Processing Branch superintendent. “We are constantly seeking top quality Airmen to join our team.

AFOSI recruits Airmen from diverse backgrounds to solve the Air Force’s most complex investigations.

“Our agents are held in the highest regard by our nation’s government and military leaders,” said Chief Master Sgt. Hank Cottingham, AFOSI command chief.

Cottingham retrained into AFOSI 18 years ago from the security forces career field.

“Airmen with integrity and positive attitudes who operate in the spirit of teamwork have had successful careers as AFOSI agents,” he said. “If you are an Airman looking to make a great impact in our Air Force then AFOSI is hands-down the way to go.”

According to Paradis, AFOSI’s primary recruiting focus is on staff sergeants with five to 10 years in service, technical sergeants with less than one year in grade, and stellar senior airmen who are eligible to retrain. He added, “We will consider others who don’t fall within those parameters but those are our primary target groups.”

The AFOSI unit at Luke Air Force Base, Detachment 421 will be holding an annual recruiting fair for active-duty Air Force members at 2 p.m. Nov. 10 at Club Five Six. This opportunity comes only once a year to learn about the career field and begin the application process for eligible candidates.

“Our office gets calls all the time from Airman who want to join OSI. For top candidates who are interested in applying, the process will move relatively quickly following November’s briefing,” said Special Agent Stephen Klukovich. “We are busy all year long; this is a chance to focus our efforts and bring some great Airmen on to our team.” An informational briefing will be provided as well as a chance to speak with current AFOSI agents.

Frequently asked questions:

Do I need to bring EPRs and/or letters of recommendation with me to the recruiting fair?

Requests for resumes, EPRs and letters of recommendation will be sent out by Det. 421 personnel following the event.

What ranks can apply?

Enlisted personnel in the ranks of senior airman and staff sergeant with less than 10 years of service; technical sergeants can apply on a case-by-case basis.

Can I apply if I have a projected assignment?

No. If you have a projected assignment you cannot apply for retraining into AFOSI. If you apply and have been released by your AFPC functional manager, and are later selected for a change of station or assignment, AFOSI will continue processing the retraining application. If you are selected for AFOSI duty, we will request assignment cancellation.

How long does the application process take?

The complete application process takes from two to five months.

What career field, if any, increases my chances of being hired?

Your demonstrated character and skills – not your career field – are what increases your chances. AFOSI looks for high-caliber people, those who’ve demonstrated maturity, professionalism, good judgment, and compliance with Air Force standards and core values.

Do certain skills or abilities give me an advantage?

Certain skills are looked at favorably. These are fluency in a foreign language, high-level computer skills, and electronics. However, possessing these skills is no guarantee of success, because we make our decision based on the whole-person concept.

If selected, will I be able to remain at Luke?

In rare cases, members will remain at their current assignment. However, the majority of agents are relocated after retraining into AFOSI. As with any other Air Force career field, you’ll have input regarding the locations you desire, but the needs of the Air Force come first.

Do I need to have firewall performance reports to be hired?

Your enlisted performance reports are included in your application. While firewall 5s are not required, good EPRs are important.

Does pre-enlistment trouble with the law enter the equation?

Prior service involvement with law enforcement will surface during the background investigation and will be taken into consideration when character is evaluated. It is vital that applicants are honest and forthcoming during every stage of the application process.

For more information on applying for AFOSI special agent duty, visit or call Det. 421 at 623-856-6821 to speak to an AFOSI recruiter.