STREET BEAT November 6, 2015

The 56th Security Forces Squadron handled the following incidents Oct. 26 through Nov. 1 at Luke Air Force Base:


Security forces issued citations for five moving violations and two nonmoving violations.

Nonemergency responses

Oct. 28: Security forces responded to a report of an individual looking over the base perimeter fence at Litchfield Road adjacent to the football field. Security forces made contact and determined the individual was wanted for open container of liquor in a vehicle from Phoenix police. Security forces contacted Phoenix police who assumed control of the individual.

Oct. 26: Security forces stopped an active-duty individual assigned to Luke AFB who was taking unauthorized photography of the restricted area. Security forces notified Office of Special Investigations. The pictures were deleted voluntarily by the individual who was released by security forces.

Alarm activations

Security forces responded to four alarm activations on base.

Tip of the week

As the holiday season approaches, stay vigilant of personal belongings when out shopping. Pick-pockets are more common in large crowds at the malls and other shopping establishments.

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