Vehicle emission requirement goes live 2016


Beginning in January, Luke Air Force Base will require federal employee privately owned vehicles that are driven for more than 60 days on base to demonstrate compliance with federal law requirements under the Clean Air Act Section 118(d) (U.S.C. §7418(d), the vehicle inspection and maintenance program.

The statute requires all federal employees to meet the Vehicle Inspection/Maintenance Program requirements of the location where the member is employed, or for Luke AFB, the Phoenix Metro Area. Those vehicles registered in the state of Arizona have already met this requirement because they had to be tested to be able to be registered.

However, those vehicles registered outside of Arizona will normally require an Arizona emissions test, which costs $20. If you have another state license plate, you will need to obtain an emissions test unless you meet the exemptions below.

Based on vehicle type, the vehicle may be exempt from an Arizona emissions test. These exemptions include:

• Gasoline vehicles five years old or newer

• Gasoline vehicles model year 1966 or older

• Diesel, electric and hydrogen powered vehicles

• Motorcycles

Hybrid and natural gas powered vehicles are not exempt and are subject to the emissions test. Additional information can be found at

Note: An emissions test from another state can be used to meet the requirements. You will need to know the county where the emissions test was conducted and the year it expires.

Federal employees will use the Air Force self-certification program called Employee Vehicle Certification and Reporting System to file their vehicle information. It is quick; most can complete in five minutes. Luke federal employees, both military and civilian, will be receiving emails from titled “Action Required: vehicle emission testing self-certification is due within 30 days.” Upon receiving the email, federal employees will log on to the ECARS website and enter the year, make and model of the vehicle. You will also need to know when the emission test was done and the month and year it expires (two years after it was conducted). Even though the vehicle may be exempt from the test, federal employees will still receive the email and then must select the exemption. Employees without computer access will prepare the AF Form 4434, wet sign and provide it to the program manager in the CES Environmental Element, in Bldg. 302.

This program mainly impacts Air Force active-duty and their family members and civil service employees. Some personnel are exempt from using ECARS to include:

• Nonappropriated fund employees

• Non-Air Force federal employees (i.e. Marine Bulk Fuel Company Charlie, and Navy Operations Support Center employees, etc.)

• DeCA, DISA, etc.

• All contractors

Notices will be automatically generated and sent to employees and command staff representatives if people do not complete ECARS.

Federal employees will be required to keep proof of emissions certification in their vehicle and provide if requested during traffic stops on the facility.

Questions regarding ECARS can be directed to Charles Rothrock at 623-856-3832 or by email at