Thunderbolts compete in winter games

photo by Staff Sgt. STACI MILLER

Thunderbolts showed off their competitive spirit Dec. 8 through 12 during the 2015 Luke Air Force Base Winter Games, hosted by the 56th Force Support Squadron Bryant Fitness Center.

The events started on Tuesday with a 3-on-3 sand volleyball tournament, Humvee push and home-run races.

The home-run races were a series of relays consisting of three parts. The relay began at home plate with a dizzy bat race. Thunderbolts began by putting their foreheads against a softball bat and spinning 10 full rotations before running to first base to tag their teammates. Their teammates at first base then began a three-legged race by tying their inside legs together and running to second. The last member of the team tagged off at second base and began the tricycle relay by riding a tricycle as quickly as possible to home plate.

Wednesday’s main event was the obstacle course. The obstacle course was also done relay style and consisted of several obstacles; low-crawls under wires, tire runs, tractor-tire flips, hurdle jumps and a balance beam. Squadrons submitted up to two teams of two people for the event.

Thursday featured a single elimination kickball tournament. Each squadron had the option to submit one nine-person team. The games ended after 20 minutes or after one team reached 10 points.

The Winter Games trophies and Commander’s Cup will be presented Dec. 18 at the Bryant Fitness Center following the Jingle Bell fun run. The Commander’s Cup is awarded to the squadron with the best overall intramural sports score for 2015. The 1.5-mile Jingle Bell fun run starts at 7 a.m. and squadrons are encouraged to dress up in festive wear and sing holiday chants during the race. Prizes will be awarded for best-dressed male, female and squadron.

For more information on the Jingle Bell fun run or squadron intramural sports contact the Bryant Fitness Center at 623-856-6241.