Airman Victoria Colbourne

56th Equipment Maintenance Squadron

Aerospace Ground Equipment apprentice

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Years in service: Eight months

Family: Steve Colbourne, husband; and Jordan Colbourne, son

Education: Pursuing a Community College of the Air Force degree in aerospace ground equipment technology

Inspirations: My faith in God and my family

Goals: To earn senior airman below-the-zone, obtain an associate degree within one year of earning my 5 Level in my specialty code

Greatest feat: Being the best wife and mother I can be, while pursuing my education and career advancement

Self-description: Highly motivated and focused, always put my best foot forward, optimistic and love to help others

Famous last words: “I hope what I’ve done in my life will inspire others to always give and help others selflessly

Off-duty interests: Exploring new places, making memories with my family, cooking and reading

How do you make the base, yourself and the Air Force better: By providing a fresh outlook, ideas and processes that can be used to better the way things are done not only on this base, but Air Force wide. I better myself by always challenging myself to think outside of the box.

Sharon Kozak

56th Fighter Wing

Community Support coordinator

Hometown: Plainfield, Illinois

Years in service/Career: Five at Luke Air Force Base and 25 in special education

Education: Aurora University, Illinois, master of social work, master of business administration/leadership certificate

Inspirations: My father and mother; never distort your authentic self

Goals: To make a difference

Greatest feat: Skydiving – jumping out of a plane at 13,000 feet and wanting to do it again

Self-description: I work with enthusiasm and creativity, dedicated to improving the quality of life of service members and their families; never content to accept current institutions are good enough; always on the vanguard of program development and improvement; desire to inspire others through personal integrity, courage, strength of character and high moral purpose.

Famous last words: “The best way to succeed is by helping others to success.”

Off-duty interests: The Cardinals, walking and my church family

How do you make the base,  yourself and the Air Force better: As a mentor, I serve as a model for those who need to build skills and encouragement; in the process, I develop my own skills, cultivate positive emotions, embrace optimism, practice altruism and inspire co-workers

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