STREET BEAT – January 15, 2016


The 56th Security Forces Squadron handled the following incidents Dec. 28, 2015, through Jan. 10, 2016, at Luke Air Force Base:


Security forces issued citations for 43 moving violations and two nonmoving violations.

Traffic-related incidents

Jan. 9: Security forces responded to a report of a major two-vehicle accident at Litchfield Road outside of Lightning Gate. Security forces assisted medical personnel with first aid and traffic control until Glendale police arrived and took control. The drivers were treated for minor injuries.

Nonemergency responses

Dec. 31: Security forces responded to a report of an individual refusing to depart and causing a disturbance at Fighter Inn when they were told no rooms were available. Security forces made contact with the individual and escorted the person off the installation to seek other accommodations.

Jan. 1: Security forces received a call about an absent-without-leave Airman planning to surrender to security forces. Security forces made contact with the Airman at the gate and charged the Airman with Article 86, absence without leave. The Airman’s unit first sergeant was notified and took control.

Jan. 5: Security forces responded to a call of an individual trespassing at the base exchange. Security forces made contact with a retired military dependent whose AAFES privileges were confirmed suspended. Glendale police took control.

Jan. 7: Security forces responded to a report of a military working dog drug hit at South Gate. A security forces K-9 received a positive hit on a substance confirmed to be marijuana. Glendale police took control.

Alarm activations

Security forces responded to five alarm activations on base.

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