Bio-med folks get props


Jan. 25 through 29 is Biomedical Sciences Corps Appreciation Week. This week we recognize the achievements of the men and women who support our members with their medical service.

BSC was formed more than 50 years ago on March 15, 1965. It was originally comprised of mostly scientists, dieticians and occupational therapists; however, over the past 50 years, the BSC has expanded its range of personnel to include a wide variety of medically trained professionals. Today, the BSC consists of 15 primary specialty codes, making it the most diverse corps in the Air Force Medical Service.

Here at Luke Air Force Base is the perfect mix of medical professionals ready to take care of members’ needs.

The 56th Medical Group BSC team includes bioenvironmental engineering, optometry, physical therapy, clinical social work, clinical psychology, physician assistants, pharmacy, public health, biomedical laboratory, and orthopedics. The diversity of the BSC team, which includes officers, enlisted members, and civilians, is what makes our medical group a success. Our enlisted and civilian members are the force behind our BSC officers’ technical duties for all 15 career fields. For example, in addition to performing their daily technical tasks, enlisted technicians are usually the first to engage with patients. They set the standard and mood for our medical facility.

The BSC’s mission is to enhance Air Force combat capability and effectiveness by providing world-class customer service and scientific expertise resulting in peak force performance, productivity and quality healthcare offered to the beneficiary population. It is no surprise that the BSC motto is: United in the Mission.