Pro presents perfect pushup, squat

The pushup is a stability movement using shoulders, arms, triceps and biceps. The proper position for a pushup is to start with the feet shoulder-width apart with hands directly beneath the shoulders and elbows moving backward not outward. As the body is lowered, tighten the core of the body and lower the chest to the floor breaking the 90-degree angle in the elbows. While in the down position, keep the body tight and avoid arching the back. Push up to the starting position.

Sherri Biringer, 56th Force Support Squadron fitness specialist supervisor, demonstrates the proper positions for squats and pushups Jan. 13 at Luke Air Force Base. The proper position to perform a squat is to start with feet hip-width apart and body weight completely over the feet, but slightly behind the knees so the knees aren’t tracking over the toes. Drop to a 90-degree squat keeping the knees from protruding over the toes. This will save pressure and stress from causing damage to the knees. The lower back is tight and abs are pressed against the spine keeping everything tight.

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