HVAC keeps it cool


Training the world’s greatest 607th Air Control Squadron battle managers wouldn’t be possible without the cool temperatures provided by the air conditioning units.

These units are maintained and installed by the heating ventilation and air conditioning Airmen, enabling the training in the 607th ACS to happen. The conex boxes used by the 607th Airmen are training units for communicating with pilots.

Valdez replaces an air filter on an a/c unit. The air filters collect dust and germs and also recycle the air.

“The conex boxes are made out of metal shells and have equipment producing an extreme amount of heat,” said Staff Sgt. Rafael Valdez, 607th ACS HVAC craftsman. “On top of the equipment producing heat, we live in a state where temperatures in the summer can reach as high as 120 degrees, which translates to 140 to 160 degrees inside the conex boxes and is not suitable for human beings to stay in. Our HVAC units help protect the equipment and make it comfortable for Airmen using the conex boxes.”

HVAC handles all air conditioners in the unit supplying Airmen with a temperate environment to work in.

“Some of the work I do includes preventive maintenance inspections, repairs to the units, monitoring of the units, and if a unit goes down, I do installs as well,” Valdez said. “I work on both commercial and government units.”

With the number of air conditioning units in the squadron, it’s a big task for Valdez.

Valdez performs repairs, preventive maintenance inspections, and installations of a/c units. The units are taxed due to the extreme heat in Arizona.

“HVAC is typically a three-person unit, but Staff Sgt. Valdez is filling the role of three right now,” said Master Sgt. Francis Willis, 607th ACS superintendent cyber operations and maintenance. “What HVAC does for the unit is similar to what you do for your home by keeping temperatures cool during the summer and warm during the winter. This is what HVAC does for our equipment and Airmen. Without the equipment, the battle managers can’t complete their training.”

Valdez inspects an air filter from an A/C. Valdez regularly checks air filters to gauge if they need replacing.