Luke 1 clarifies arming policy


Recent media articles discussed arming programs in which installation commanders may grant service members the right to carry weapons in order to provide additional security. This may have caused some confusion.

In order to avoid rumor, I am restating Luke Air Force Base’s policy:

No person is authorized to carry their privately owned weapon on the installation other than to transport to and from the installation entry control points and their home if living in privatized housing or the 56th Security Forces Armory for dormitory residents. All privately owned weapons that are stored in Luke housing or the security forces armory are required to be registered through their chain of command and the 56th Security Forces Squadron.

I will continue to evaluate the environment for threat indicators and balance risk against safety to ensure the best qualified personnel are armed for the protection of our Airmen. Additionally, the Air Education and Training Command commander is developing MAJCOM guidance, so we can expect more information in the future as policy is developed.