EMS dominates 61st AMU in flag football

Photo by Senior Airman JAMES HENSLEY

The game between the 56th Equipment Maintenance Squadron and 61st Aircraft Maintenance Unit kicked off with the EMS quarterback throwing a short pass to gain a first down against the 61st AMU. The EMS’ aggressive offense helped them put up points early in the game and eventually win with a final score of 20-7.

“Our plan coming into the game was to dominate,” said Matthew Green, 56th EMS Aerospace Ground Equipment journeyman. “We came out and did our best. For our next game we plan to improve our communication especially between the receivers and quarterback.”

The 61st AMU made some good plays, but EMS blocked several potential passes. EMS scored two touchdowns and earned the extra point with a quick run after the second touchdown.

“The biggest challenge facing the 61st AMU was their defense, because their man coverage was good,” Green said.

The first half ended with a last-ditch effort to score a touchdown by the 61st AMU. The score was 13 to zero.

The second half seemed to go better for the 61st AMU. AMU players took over possession on a turnover and scored their first touchdown of the game. However, it would be the 61st AMUs only touchdown, as EMS continued to gain more yards and pull away.

“The game is going pretty well, and we keep driving the ball down the field,” said Mark Martinez, 56th EMS crew chief and team quarterback. “Our plan is to keep things simple. We keep controlling the time of possession of the ball. The 61st AMU dropped their coverage on me to have better coverage of the receivers. I had to keep our receivers out of the middle of the field, because they had good defense.”

At the end of the game the players from both teams high-fived and congratulated each other on solid plays.

“We’re going to keep doing what we’re doing and keep pushing forward,” Green said. “We’ll take it one game at a time and hopefully make it to the end.”