MXG shines light on 2015 best

Photos by Airman 1st Class Ridge Shan

The 56th Fighter Wing 2015 Maintenance Professional of the Year Banquet was March 5. The theme was Tutum Et Certa (Safe and Reliable). The banquet recognized the following outstanding performers across all maintenance career fields:

Maintenance professional

Airman: Senior Airman Teresa Nowak, 54th Maintenance Operations

NCO: Staff Sgt. Aleksandr Dolgikh, 61st Aircraft Maintenance Unit

Senior NCO: Master Sgt. Charles Loftus, 56th Equipment Maintenance Squadron

Company grade officer: 1st Lt. Fallynne Wright, 54th MO

Civilian (Category I): William Biggs, 56th EMS

Civilian (Category II): Garth Alexander, 56th Component Maintenance Squadron

Support professional

Airman: Senior Airman Bailey Busby, 54th MO

NCO: Tech. Sgt. Brandon Savage, 56th AMXS

Senior NCO: Master Sgt. Ian Snowsill, 56th Maintenance Group

Civilian (Category I): Mark Palmer, 56th CMS

Civilian (Category II): Michael Dodge, 56th CMS

Load crew: Crew 93, 425th AMU, Military Expert 2 Toh and Military Experts 1 Neo and Lim


Technician: Senior Airman Nicholas Gardner, 54th AMXS

Supervisor: SSgt Eduardo Hernandez, 54th Maintenance Squadron

Manager: Senior Master Sgt. Donald Corriere, 54th FG

Leo Marquez

Technician: Senior Airman Nickolas St. Amour, 54th Maintenance Operations

Technician supervisor: Tech. Sgt. Koreco Moorer, 314th Fighter Squadron

Supervisor manager: Master Sgt. Robert Bogie, 56th EMS

Company grade manager: 1st Lt. Fallynne Wright, 54th MO


Field grade manager: Maj. Jessica Williams, 56th AMXS AETC

Technician: Senior Airman John Stewart, 56th AMXS AETC

Civilian technician: Terry Nelson, 56th EMS AETC

Technician supervisor: Staff Sgt. Jeffery Hunt, 56th AMXS (PCS)

Technician supervisor manager: Master Sgt. Carlos Villanueva, 49th AMXS

Company grade manager: Capt. Talon Pope, 56th CMS AETC

General Lew Allen Jr. Trophy

Senior NCO: Master Sgt. James Yount, 56th AMXS

Officer: Maj. Wesley Wade, 56th MXG

Crew chief : Tech. Sgt. Robert James, 56th AMXS

AMU: 310th AMU