SFS cuts it close with EMS


The 56th Equipment Maintenance Squadron and 56th Security Forces Squadron kicked off March 7 with a short quarterback rush by EMS to gain only a few yards, setting the tone for the game with SFS matching EMS play for play. The final score was 19-14 SFS.

“Security forces has a good reputation for an impressive offense,” said Jirah Lackings, 56th EMS. “They’re able to run very well which makes us have to put more defensive players up front.”

The first half was a back and forth battle for yards with both teams having a difficult time gaining first downs. EMS was on top by a single touchdown with less than a minute left on the clock in the first half. SFS refused to end the half scoreless and marched down the field for a touchdown. The half closed out with SFS on top, 7-6.

“The match is going pretty well but we’ve got to work on our defense,” Lackings said at the half. “One of our best plays so far was Isaiah Morgan’s touchdown catch, which put us on the board.”

As the second half got underway, an SFS receiver shook off defenders to turn a short pass into a touchdown. EMS continued to struggle with SFS’s defensive blocks knocking the ball out of the reach of their receivers. EMS returned the favor a couple times but the effect wasn’t enough to damage SFS beyond repair.

“We came out to have fun and get the win, and we got it,” said Matthew Boogaard, 56th SFS. “The biggest challenge we had was stopping EMS’ short passes. We made some good blocks, and we also had our receiver blow past three defensive players for a touchdown. In the future we plan to be more organized in both our offensive and defensive plays. Our quarterback was stuck too many times with receivers covered and was forced to run the ball himself. Overall the game was pretty good and we hope to make it to the playoffs.”