Study for TRICARE users helps smokers kick habit

Have you tried everything to quit smoking? TRICARE Beneficiaries now have a new resource to help them called the The Freedom Smoking Quitline. If qualified, participants will have a two-times better chance at quitting smoking.

The Freedom Smoking Quitline is a National Institutes of Health-funded research study, co-sponsored by the 59th Medical Wing and University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

The study is enrolling TRICARE beneficiaries that are motivated to quit smoking. If qualified, participants will receive four proactive, telephone-based smoking cessation counseling sessions along with eight weeks of free nicotine replacement therapy sent directly to their homes. After three months, participants will receive a follow-up call to ensure they are still smoke free. However, if they experienced a relapse and started up again, participants are offered a second chance to try again. Read the full article at

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