A1C strong as a Foxx

Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas — The clanging of weights, thumping of treadmills and the aroma of sweat — all things associated with a gym — are also things that describe a place one Laughlin Airman goes to relieve stress.

Airman 1st Class Alex Foxx, 87th Flying Training Squadron aviation resource manager, is a power lifter — a hobby to some, but a passion to him.

Foxx first found love for the sport as a 7th grader, when “power lifting was the ‘big thing.’ Everyone was doing it.”

He lifted throughout his high school years but unfortunately had to stop soon after graduation.

“When I joined the Air Force in 2014, I had a lot going on,” Foxx said. “I was busy. I had to learn an entirely new skill-set. My weight training had to be put on hold for a while.”

Fortunately for Foxx, he arrived to his first duty assignment at Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas, where he was able to develop a routine, become comfortable in his job and even meet a fellow Airman in his squadron who shared the same passion.

“The first friend I made when I showed up to Laughlin was because of lifting,” Foxx said. “It builds friendships and creates comradery, and I believe if done together, can create better cohesion within a unit.”

After an extended break in training, Foxx was finally back to his usual four- to five-day a week training routine, which includes weekly meal preparation, protein supplements and increased water consumption. All of this is in preparation for the 2016 Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate Texas Max Madness powerlifting competition.

On March 26, 2016, in Austin, Texas, the hard work paid off as Foxx stepped onto the platform and got to hear his favorite two words as weight was added, “bar loaded.”

Foxx went on to place first in the 165-pound weight class by going nine-for-nine on his lifts with a combined total of 1,041 pounds, an impressive performance for someone just returning to the sport.

Though it was a great performance, Foxx constantly strives for more. “Don’t get me wrong. I was very happy with my performance, but I always believe there is room to improve and that I can lift more,” Foxx said.

As Foxx has already begun training for an upcoming competition in June, he wanted to thank the Air Force and those around him for allowing him to pursue his passion.

“The Air Force has given me a perfect platform to do whatever I have the passion for. My whole squadron embraces and encourages me to lift; my fellow wingmen support me every step of the way.”


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