Changes of command

The following units will change command this year. Dates are subject to change.

July 1

56th Training Squadron

Relinquishing: Lt. Col. Michael Dunn

Taking: Lt. Col. Matt Hayden

July 8

56th Operations Group

Relinquishing: Col. Chris Bailey

Taking: Col. Benjamin Bishop

July 11

56th FW Legal

Relinquishing: Lt. Col. Joel England

Taking: Lt. Col. John Owen

56th Equipment Maintenance Squadron

Relinquishing: Lt. Col. Scott Hall

Taking: Maj Jeffrey Kaepp AoC

July 13

56th FW

Relinquishing: Brig. Gen. Scott Pleus

Taking: Brig. Gen. Brook Leonard

July 22

56th Medical Group

Relinquishing: Col. Maureen Charles

Taking: Col. Jeffrey Freeland

Aug. 8

56th Mission Support Group

Relinquishing: Col. James Kossler

Taking: Col. Robert Sylvester

Aug. 9

54th Fighter Group
Holloman AFB

Relinquishing: Col. Jeffrey Jenssen

Taking: Col. James Keen

Oct. 16

Det. 1/Tucson

Relinquishing: Lt. Col. Erik Anton

Taking: Lt. Col. Kevin Fisher

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