Paralegal career field opens

The paralegal career field is opening up for those interested in training for a change.

“Retraining into the 5J0X1 paralegal career field provides a great environment for those looking for a career that offers a sense of pride, independence, personal growth and accomplishment at the end of each work day,” said Senior Master Sgt. Deanna Commack, 56th Fighter Wing Legal Office.

The paralegal has a direct impact on all facets of the legal field. This includes military justice, claims, civil law, legal assistance, contracts, environmental and operations law, to name a few. Within these divisions, paralegals conduct legal research, interview victims and witnesses, and team with attorneys to draft opinions and other documents. They also support investigations of serious incidents, such as aircraft, missile or rocket accidents.

To be eligible to retrain into the paralegal career field, individuals must meet certain criteria, which include the ability to type a minimum of 25 words per minute, a minimum general AQE score of 51, have very little to no derogatory information in their records, and obtain recommendation letters from the current leadership chain. In addition, a two-part interview will be conducted with the staff judge advocate and law office superintendent.

The Air Force enlisted legal career field was established on May 1, 1955, and continues to play a prominent role in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps. TJAGC’s primary mission is to provide legal counsel to commanders, first sergeants, and other key personnel on a broad spectrum of legal and quasi-legal matters.

“Eighty-three 5J retraining quotas will be available in fiscal 2017 and typically fill quickly,” Commack said.

To submit a retraining application, contact the retraining section of the MPS or see a Luke Air Force Base career advisor.

For more information about the paralegal career field or to set-up an informal interview, call the law office superintendent at 623-856-9537.

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