56th Maintenance Group

56th Component Maintenance Squadron

Mission: We build the future of airpower by providing safe and reliable component repair of propulsion, avionics, accessories, and test, measurement, and diagnostics equipment systems.


Commander: Maj. Edward Romero

Superintendent: Chief Master Sgt. Brian Bowers

First sergeant: Master Sgt. Brian Shaw

Responsibilities: Comprised of 284 military and 50 civilian personnel across seven Air Force specialties. “We Are the Scorpions! We Put the Sting in the Wing,” by delivering maintenance solutions for the Air Force’s largest combat pilot training program. We are divided into four maintenance flights and one supporting section: Propulsion, avionics, accessories, test, measurement and diagnostic equipment, and command support staff.

• Propulsion conducts intermediate maintenance for 140 Pratt & Whitney F-100 engines valued at $450 million, in support of 128 F-16s. The flight is comprised of four sections: Jet engine intermediate maintenance, modular repair, test cell, and support section totaling 58 enlisted and 26 civilian personnel. Propulsion’s extraordinary production of 60 engines per year has been recognized by Pratt and Whitney as the top performer for 12 consecutive years.

• Avionics provides uncompromised safety, exceptional quality and unparalleled flightline support to F-16 avionics systems through component repair of more than 56 different navigation, radar and communications systems. Recognized as No.1 out of 28 avionics sections during the second quarter of 2017.

• Accessories consists of 150 technicians across four sections: Egress, fuels, electro environmental, and hydraulics, which provide equipment repairs on F-16 and F-35 platforms. Provides emergency ejection capability, aircraft fuel system distribution, and electrical and hydraulic component repair. Hydraulics operates the Air Force’s sole West Coast centralized repair facility, supporting 313 F-16s, F-15s, and A-10s across AETC, Air Combat Command, and Air Force Reserve Command. Accessories complete more than 12,000 maintenance actions a year, and hydraulics’ CRF, provide the Air Force an annual $5 million savings.

• Test, measurement and diagnostic equipment verifies the proper operation of test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment through calibration. TMDE supplies calibration and repair support to more than 6,000 items owned by 107 work sections. TMDE’s efforts impact the mission success of AETC, ACC, Air Mobility Command, Air Force Global Strike Command, Air Force Materiel Command, Air Force Reserve Command and the Air National Guard.

56th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Mission: Provide safe, reliable aircraft, equipment and munitions to train the world’s finest F-35 and F-16 pilots and crew chiefs.

Demographics: There are more than 1,184 military, civilian and contractor members, including 100 Singapore maintainers.


Commander: Lt. Col. Charles Ploetz

Maintenance operations officer: Maj. Lexie Greene

Assistant Maintenance operations officer: Capt. Jessica Salgado

Superintendent: Chief Master Sgt. James Cash

Assistant Superintendents: Senior Master Sgts. David Bruce and Jonathan Brannon

First sergeants: Master Sgts. Marco Escandon, Gregory Spiczka, Jennifer Pelletier and David Moats

Responsibilities: Provides organizational level maintenance for 52 Block 25 and 42 F-16A/B/C/D aircraft and 55 F-35A aircraft valued at more than $5 billion. Also has a $700,000 annual budget to ensure mission-ready aircraft directly supporting

U.S. Air Force active and Reserve components, Singapore and Taiwan air forces pilot training.

56th Equipment Maintenance Squadron

Mission: Provide safe and reliable maintenance and munitions support to build the future of airpower.

Vision: Provide sustained flexibility through a disciplined and innovative approach while developing Airmen and supporting our families.

Demographics: There are 545 military and civilians assigned.


Commander: Lt. Col. Jeffrey Kaepp

Superintendent: Chief Master Sgt. James Royston Jr.

First sergeant: Senior Master Sgt. Phillip Nissen

Responsibilities: Maintains 703 pieces of aerospace ground equipment, 1,200 pieces of alternate mission equipment and a munitions stockpile all valued at more than $208 million. Perform aircraft inspection and repair of 78 F-16 and 53 F-35 aircraft.

Fun facts: The squadron was redesignated the 56th Equipment Maintenance Squadron June 15,1977, at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, the first equipment maintenance squadron in the Air Force. The squadron was reassigned to Luke AFB April 1, 1994.

56th Maintenance Group staff

Mission: Plan, monitor, train, manage, and adapt through precise scheduling, and efficient execution to produce the world’s finest maintainers and fighter pilots.

Demographics: There are 167 active-duty and 14 civilian members.


Section commander: Maj. James Hodges

Maintenance operations superintendent: Senior Master Sgt. Heather Tufty

Weapons standardization superintendent: Chief Master Sgt. Richard Pelletier

Quality assurance: Senior Master Sgt. Michael Bannon

Training: Master Sgt. Christopher Draper

Responsibilities: Oversees smooth maintenance operations on more than 79 F-16s, 42 F-35s; builds, executes and analyzes the maintenance and flying schedule; manages and provides training for 1,852 active-duty members, 210 civilians, and 101 Air Reserve Technicians; manages key group programs and enforces standards; serves as liaison to Det. 12, 372nd TRS.

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