MILITARY STAR card helps Nellis Exchange reduce bank fees, strengthen quality-of-life programs.


When military shoppers use their MILITARY STAR® cards at Nellis Exchange facilities, they help reduce significant credit-card processing fees and benefit their military community.

During fiscal 2018, bank-issued credit card processing expenses at Nellis Exchange facilities cost the military community $792,121, a $39,081 increase from 2017. When shoppers use their MILITARY STAR cards, however, the Nellis Exchange avoids these costly fees, generating more money for military Quality-of-Life programs essential to force readiness and resiliency.

“Every dollar of merchant and bank fees avoided makes a difference in the lives of Soldiers and their families,” said Exchange General Manager Matthew Beatty. “Using a MILITARY STAR card at an exchange is an investment into our military communities as reduced fees strengthen Quality-of-Life support.”

Nellis Exchange earnings support critical Quality-of-Life programs, including Air Force Outdoor Recreation Activities
The MILITARY STAR card is accepted at Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard exchange stores, the commissary and online at,, and

Nellis Exchange shoppers enjoy benefits when using the MILITARY STAR card, including:

• One of the lowest APRs (12.49 percent) among retail-issued credit cards
• No annual, late or over-limit fees
• 10 percent discount on first day’s purchase
• A rewards program where cardholders earn 2 points per dollar, and a $20 rewards card when they reach 2,000 points.

The MILITARY STAR card is administered by the Army & Air Force Exchange Service. For more information, visit