VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System opens new addiction recovery center

VASNHS Director William Carron, Dr. Roxanne Untal, and Chief of Behavioral Health Tim Jobin cut the ribbon to mark the opening of Las Vegas VA Residential Recovery and Renewal Center Nov. 1, 2019. (VA photograph)

The VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System is proud to announce the grand opening of the Las Vegas VA Residential Recovery and Renewal Center.

The center is a 30-45 day, 20-bed addiction recovery, substance use and gambling residential treatment program, with five dedicated rooms for female veterans. The facility will provide research-based, high quality interventions to assist our residents in the following ways:

* Help with learning about addiction and triggers and develop a sustainable relapse-prevention plan.
* Develop individualized and person-centered recovery plans.
* Provide a whole health approach to help improve emotional, physical and mental health.
* Assist residents in choosing, accessing, and using community and social supports.

This is the VA’s first residential program in Southern Nevada. It is also the second residential gambling addiction recovery center in the nation. “There is definitely a great need for this here in Las Vegas,” said LVR3 Program Manager Roxanne Untal. “Gambling and substance abuse already exist here, so it’s important that we are responsive to that when problems arise for our veterans. The biggest goal is to provide residential care for veterans when more intensive care is needed than what they would receive in outpatient treatment.”

“This facility fills a gap in our mental health continuum of care,” said Tim Jobin, Chief of Behavioral Health. “We talk about doing the right thing for our veterans, and countless hours of planning, mindfulness, and reviews have been dedicated to making this happen here today. This is a great day for veterans.”

Treatment at LVR3 includes daily activities to take help with addiction recovery. Recreational Therapists provide instruction in exercises like archery, horseback riding, and yoga. LVR3 also provides a separate wing with five rooms dedicated to female veterans with a staff attendant available 24/7. This more than doubles the legal requirement of 10 percent coverage for female patients.

Veterans interested in referral for the LVR3 can talk to their primary care provider or take advantage of the same-day mental health service. “One of the biggest services that we offer is the same-day walk-in service for mental health care,” said Untal. “Even if you aren’t an enrolled veteran yet, if this is something that you really need to address, come on in. Any licensed provider can put in a consult and we are doing quick turn-arounds for screening them for admission.”