AF surgeon general tours 99th MDG at Nellis, Creech

Lt. Gen. Robert Miller, Surgeon General of the Air Force and Space Force, and U.S. Air Force Chief Master Sgt. Dawn Kolczynski, medical enlisted force and enlisted corps chief, toured the 99th Medical Group at both Nellis and Creech Air Force Bases, Nev., July 13 and 14, 2021.

They visited the University Medical Center and the Mike O’Callaghan Military Medical Center to see firsthand the capabilities the hospitals offer to Nellis, Creech and the Las Vegas Valley.

“The 99th MDG is doing special things here, and I know that hasn’t happened over night,” said Miller. “There has been a lineage of all-star performers, and it continues with the team here now.”

Col. Eric Schmidt, 432nd Wing/432nd Air Expeditionary Wing commander greets Lt. Gen. Robert Miller, Surgeon General of the Air Force and Space Force, at Creech Air Force Base, Nev., July 14, 2021. Miller visited the Hunters to gain a better sense of the mission and scope of medical care availability. (Air Force photograph by Senior Airman William Rio Rosado)

During the military treatment facility tour, the leaders had the opportunity to see and hear about the family medicine residency, pain management clinic, lab, family health clinic, emergency department, intensive care unit, ortho spine clinic, da Vinci surgical robot and the 99th MDG’s civilian trauma initiative.

They also learned about the 99th MDG’s COVID-19 response both at Nellis and throughout the United States and the renovations occurring at MOMMC, one the Department of Defense’s highest performing medical treatment facilities.

“We’re excited that Lt. Gen. Miller, Brig. Gen. Bogart and their senior enlisted advisers visited the 99th MDG,” said Col. Brent Johnson, 99th MDG commander. “Our partnerships and programs are very unique and will greatly increase our ability to save lives in future wars because of what we’re doing here today.”

MOMMC was the first military treatment facility Miller toured after becoming the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force Surgeon General in June of this year.

Miller and Kolczynski visited Creech to gain a better sense of the 432nd Wing’s mission and scope of the 99th Medical Group’s responsibilities.

Since the 432nd Wing at Creech does not have its own medical group, Airmen from the 99th Medical Group support 432nd Wing Airmen at the Hunters Medical Clinic.

“The support we receive from Nellis is outstanding,” said Col. Eric C. Schmidt, 432nd Wing commander. “However, as the 432nd mission continues to grow we need more support to ensure that our Hunters are healthy and ready to do their mission.”

Lt. Gen. Robert Miller, Surgeon General of the Air Force and Space Force, speaks with Maj. Christianna, Hunter Medical Clinic commander about the facility at Creech AFB, Nev., July 14, 2021. Christianna briefed Miller on the current challenges and scope of medical care available at the Hunter Medical Clinic. (Air Force photograph by Senior Airman William Rio Rosado)

Miller and Kolczynski received a mission briefing, toured the Hunters Medical Clinic, and got a chance to experience the mission hands on with aircrew in an MQ-9 Reaper simulator. Before leaving for the day, they met with Airmen from the 432nd Wing Human Performance Team.

Airmen walked Miller through the Hunters Medical Clinic, discussed their duties, and how each section supports the more than 1,500 aircrew that fly missions every day at Creech AFB.

When discussing the future of medical support at Creech AFB, Miller said, “There are always opportunities to improve what we’re doing … It’s about having the right facility, the right number of medics, and the right type of medics.”

After the tour of the clinic, the party moved on to the flight simulators where they were also briefed about the care provided by the Human Performance Team, and the innovations made to sustain the most valuable asset of the 24/7/365 Remotely Piloted Aircraft mission — the human weapons system.

“Creech and Nellis are separate bases, but they are one team, all supported by the 99th Medical Group,” Kolczynski said. “The men and women we’ve met with today have educated us so we can better train and equip them as they continue to adapt and change to meet today’s requirements as well as tomorrow’s.”


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