Headlines – January 21, 2019



The Missile Defense Review is out. Will Congress fund it? –
The Missile Defense Review, formally unveiled Jan. 17 at the Pentagon by President Donald Trump, calls for major investments from both new technologies and existing systems.
Trump says U.S. backs NATO ‘100%,’ after report he discussed withdrawal –
Days after a report that President Donald Trump has repeatedly floated the idea of pulling the United States out of NATO, the president offered a mixed message in a Pentagon speech.


Saudis save Wisconsin shipbuilder: Fills gap between LCS & frigates at Marinette –
Four years after Lockheed Martin inked a $11.2 billion deal to sell Saudi Arabia an upgunned variant of its Littoral Combat Ship, the company is starting work on the first vessel later this year, a company official confirmed Jan. 16.
Japan to cease in-country assembly of F-35 jets –
Japan has confirmed it will not use in-country final assembly facilities for its next lot of Lockheed Martin F-35 fighter jets.
Critical flight-safety feature up for grabs in planned ‘Eurodrone’ –
German radar specialist Hensoldt announced a successful test of the company’s collision-warning radar for unmanned aircraft this week, joining an upcoming industry race to make subsystems for the “Eurodrone.”
LaPlante: Let new acquisition reforms play out before implementing more –
Defense stakeholders need to hold off on further reforming the acquisition system while the military services learn to use their new buying authorities and processes, according to the Air Force’s former assistant secretary for acquisition.
Missile Defense Review a multi-billion IOU to White House –
Military and civilian leaders at the Pentagon are portraying the new Missile Defense Review as a common-sense response to aggressive Chinese and Russian investments in new hypersonic weapons and faster, longer-range missiles.


SECNAV to the Navy: You got the money, so fix yourselves. Fast –
After years of being overworked and underfunded, Secretary of the Navy Richard V. Spencer says Congress gave the service enough cash to remedy its readiness woes and now it’s time to “increase the velocity of change.”
Marines want missiles to sink ships from shores, and they want them fast –
The Marine Corps has kicked off a rapid development program to begin firing long-range anti-ship missiles from shore-based ground vehicles in an effort to add more punch to the Navy’s growing anti-ship capabilities, which are aimed squarely at Chinese and Russian advances.
Pentagon considers an ICBM-killing weapon for the F-35, but is it affordable? –
Over the next six months, the Defense Department will weigh whether to develop a new weapon for the F-35 fighter jet that will enable it to strike down an intercontinental ballistic missile in the early stages of flight.
New full-color night vision could revolutionize troops’ ability to operate in dark –
An online video posted by a maker of civilian and military imaging equipment shows a yellow road sign, green grass, a blue sky with fluffy white clouds — and twinkling stars.
Army plans to ramp up rotations to U.S., Germany combat centers –
The Army is planning to boost the pace of rotations to its combat training centers in the United States and Germany, going from 20 this year to 32 in 2020 as the service emphasizes higher end combat skills.
Mechanical problems force three fighter jets to land in Japan –
Three Air Force fighter jets stationed in Japan conducted unexpected landings in two separate incidents last week.


Remains of airman killed in WWII identified –
Military authorities have announced the identification of remains of a Pennsylvania airman and two other servicemen who died in Europe during World War II.
Trump recently signed two veterans bills into law. Here’s how they’ll affect you –
On its way out the door, the 115th Congress passed a pair of bills aimed at improving education and other aspects of the transition from military to civilian life.