Headlines – December 16, 2015



Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will face court-martial for desertion, misbehavior charges –
Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl has been recommended for trial by general court-martial, the Army announced Dec. 14.


Boeing announces additional share buybacks –
Boeing’s board of directors approved additional share buybacks and increased its dividend, the company announced Dec. 14.
BAE Systems announces new manager for India operations –
BAE Systems announced Dec. 14 the appointment of Alistair Castle as vice president and general manager of the company’s operations in India.
Northrop unveils sixth gen fighter concept –
Northrop Grumman unveiled its vision of the so-called sixth-generation fighter, showing reporters a laser-firing aircraft that looks like a cross between the B-2 bomber and the X-47B drone.
UK invites bids for laser weapon demonstrator –
The LDEW demonstrator, for which an invitation to tender has just been issued, is intended to inform future capability-planning decisions.
Maine shipyard union narrowly approves 4-year contract –
The largest union at Bath Iron works approved Sunday a four-year contract that contains provisions aimed at making the shipyard more efficient before bids are submitted on key contracts in the coming year.
Northrop Grumman expresses interest in GPS III –
Northrop Grumman plans to bid on a potential U.S. Air Force competition for next-generation Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites, as well as on a new operational control segment if the troubled Raytheon OCX program is canceled, top executives told reporters Dec. 10.
DARPA awards Squad X contract –
DARPA has awarded initial research contracts to develop advanced technology for dismounted infantry squads.
Report: Russia plans to buy 200 aircraft, 30 ships per year –
The Russian Defence Ministry will buy roughly 200 aircraft and about 30 ships annually, state-owned news agency TASS reported Dec. 14 citing Russian chief of General Staff Valery Gerasimov.
UK eyes nationalizing Rolls-Royce sub engine operations –
Nationalizing Rolls-Royce’s nuclear submarine power plant manufacturing operations is among the options being considered by the British government if financial problems at the British-based company spark a possible takeover, according to a media report Dec. 14.
Northrop offers sneak peek at T-X concept –
Northrop Grumman provided a first glimpse of its T-X trainer offering to a group of reporters Dec. 10 in Palmdale, Calif. It plans to roll out the demonstrator in Mojave in January.
Morocco orders five Damen interceptors –Morocco has ordered five Damen Interceptor 1503 boats for counter-terrorism and smuggling roles, Damen announced Dec. 14.


New Pentagon staff needed to meet trans-regional threats –
To meet the transregional threats of today and tomorrow, the Pentagon needs a staff that can look at regional threats and make recommendations to the Defense Secretary, Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford said Dec. 14.
Prospects for defense reforms in 2016 fading fast –
The business reforms proposed by every defense secretary during the Obama administration will continue to be debated but there is little to no chance that significant actions will happen until after the nation elects a new president, defense industry experts said.
Dunford: It’s time to shrink, reform Joint Chiefs Staff –
Gen. Joe Dunford told an audience hosted by the Center for a New American Security that he was keeping an open mind and gathering information about how the joint staff is organized, which could lead to big changes — including the Unified Command Plan, which governs the responsibilities of the combatant commands.
Work outlines key steps in third offset tech development –
The Pentagon hopes to use the next year as a testing ground for the theories behind the Third Offset strategy to lay the groundwork for the next 25 years of American dominance, Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work said Dec. 14.
2017 budget proposal to include billions for next-gen weapons research –
The Obama administration’s 2017 budget proposal will include up to $15 billion to advance the Defense Department’s “third offset strategy,” Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work said Dec. 14 in Washington, D.C.
Air Force may need to cut F-35s with budget crunch, CRS says –
Air Force Fiscal year 2016-2020 aircraft research procurement plans are the beginning of major spending surge threatening to overwhelm service budget over next decade, Congressional Research Service says in report obtained by Bloomberg.
Small-arms modernization aims to boost lethality, mobility –
In its push for small-arms modernization, the Corps reached a milestone in 2015 with the formal adoption of the M4 carbine as the universal weapon for Marine infantry, but further changes are in the works for the year ahead.


Spaceplanes vs. super rockets –
Launching satellites, spacecraft and people into space is expensive because we only use our launch vehicles once.


Obama expected to move on Taiwan arms sales before year-end –
The Obama administration is expected as soon as this week to authorize the sale of two guided missile frigates to Taiwan, U.S. congressional sources said Dec. 14, in spite of China’s opposition to the deal.