Headlines – July 22, 2016



Pentagon revises law of war manual after criticism of press treatment –
The Pentagon July 22 updated its law of war manual after a previous version came under fire for appearing to allow commanders to treat journalists as belligerents or spies.


Fallon: Brexit offers opportunities for defense innovation –
The United Kingdom’s top defense official says the UK vote to leave the European Union will not diminish the country’s global role, and in fact may open up opportunities for innovation on defense technologies.
Boeing racks up another $393 million in cost overruns on KC-46 program –
Boeing will take a $393 million hit on the KC-46 tanker program, in part due to an issue with the refueling boom that caused the delay of a major program milestone, the company said July 21.
Lockheed demonstrates LRASM’s surface launch capability –
Lockheed Martin has successfully conducted a controlled flight test of the Long Range Anti-Ship Missile, or LRASM, at the Point Mugu Sea Range in California, the company announced July 21.
UK conventional procurement being hollowed out to pay for Successor SSBNs –
The UK is proposing to spend just under $58 billion on its current and future inventory of nuclear weapons, and their submarine launched delivery systems up to 2025, according to the latest official figures.
Lockheed presses for international missile-defense sales –
Lockheed Martin is seeing increased international interest for its air- and missile-defense products and projects slow but steady growth as more countries opt to purchase their own systems, an executive told Defense News.
Marine Corps orders laser rangefinders –
Kollsman, Inc. has been awarded an $11.2 million Marine Corps contract for laser rangefinders.
Apache helicopter to receive $89.9 million radar upgrade –
Longbow LLC has been awarded an $89.8 million Army contract to upgrade the AH-64 Apache helicopter’s Longbow fire control radar.
VSE reactivating mothballed frigates –
Two mothballed U.S. Navy frigates are to receive reactivation work from VSE Corporation for their transfer to Taiwan through the Foreign Military Sales program.
Martin Aircraft, Avwatch partner to market jetpack in U.S. –
Martin Aircraft Company has signed a formal alliance agreement with Avwatch Inc., to develop the U.S. first responder market for Martin Jetpacks.


Senators urge Obama to cancel nuclear cruise missile –
A group of 10 Democratic senators have penned a letter to U.S. President Barack Obama urging him to cancel development of a new nuclear-capable cruise missile, in what appears to be the next salvo from nonproliferation advocates on Capitol Hill against the weapon.
Air Force to certify Scorpion Jet, broadening its international appeal –
For the first time, the Air Force will test the airworthiness of an aircraft that is currently not planned to be in its inventory, a move that could increase the plane’s chance of success in the international market.
DOD weapons tester blasts Army radio ahead of production decision –
The Pentagon’s chief weapons tester has issued a scathing report on the Mid-Tier Networking Vehicular Radio, just as the US Army prepares to make a production decision for the system.
Navy’s most expensive warship ever years behind schedule and still not ready for warfare, memo shows –
The U.S. Navy’s $12.9 billion U.S.S. Gerald R. Ford is years behind schedule, billions over budget and still not ready for war, documents revealed July 20.
Marines working toward commercial handheld devices at tactical edge –
Although average Americans use commercial smartphones for business and personal communication, the military has been slow to adopt commercial mobile systems given security vulnerabilities. With recent pushes to secure these miniature computers for use in the field, the services are starting to adopt smartphones and tablets at the tactical edge.


Obama to address Disabled American Veterans convention –
President Obama will discuss issues facing veterans as well as their future opportunities in an address before disabled veterans Aug. 1 in Atlanta.
GOP platform calls for new VA leadership structure, more care options –
The Department of Veterans Affairs would see an overhaul in how medical care is delivered and how senior leaders are hired and fired under the the Republican Party platform adopted in Cleveland this week.
Arlington Cemetery workers on strike, demand better benefits, wages –
Arlington National Cemetery groundskeepers walked off the job and went on strike Tuesday, after nearly a year of labor disputes.