Headlines – July 14, 2017



White House against ‘Space Corps’ and other House plans, fueling policy bill debate –
The Trump administration is registering more than two dozen objections to the House’s 2018 defense policy bill, including a new space-focused branch of the military.


GPS III Satellite Rematch Between Lockheed and Boeing Readied –
The Air Force is taking the final step toward a probable multibillion-dollar competition that would give Boeing a second shot against incumbent Lockheed Martin for as many as 22 new Global Positioning System III satellites.
French arms exports fall short of over $22.8 billion forecast in January –
French Minister of Armed Forces Florence Parly welcomed an official report that stated France won arms export orders last year worth €14 billion (U.S. $16 billion) and said she would pursue further deals with foreign clients.
China commissions Type 056 corvette into South Sea Fleet –
China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) has commissioned another Type 056 (Jiangdao)-class corvette into the service’s South Sea Fleet.
Boeing completes deliveries of F-15SG jets to Singapore –
The FAA’s website showed that the last of eight F-15SGs on its civil register had its registration canceled in the middle of June, with export being listed the reason for cancellation and its destination listed as Singapore.
IARPA wants to know when someone tries to trick biometric scanners –
SRI will develop “dynamic biometrics” that can detect attempts to evade or deceive biometric systems such as fingerprint, iris and face scanners.
Fallon to announce defensive upgrades for Typhoon fighters –
British Typhoon fighters are to get a significantly improved defensive aids suite in a deal expected to be announced July 13 by the Defence Secretary Sir Micheal Fallon.
Explotrain develops drone-simulated IED training system –
A functional drone, together with a simulated IED device, has been developed by Explotrain LLC, a Florida-based small business for the training of troops.
BAE Systems to install EW systems on SOCOM C-120Js –
Under contract with the U.S. Special Operations Command, BAE Systems designed, demonstrated and will now provide their Radio Frequency Countermeasure, system, which is to be used by both the U.S. Air Force’s AC-130J Ghostrider and MC-130J Commando II aircraft.
MTI develops longer-range Malyutka 2Tb –
Serbia’s Military Technical Institute (MTI) is developing a new, longer-range variant of the 9M14-2 Malyutka 2T (AT-3D/ ‘Sagger’) anti-tank guided weapon (ATGW), designated ‘2T5.’
Lockheed chooses ViaSat for Navy missile data link –
ViaSat has been awarded a follow-on contract by Lockheed Martin to provide data links for the Navy’s Long Range Anti-Ship Missile, or LRASM.
Oman receives first Pars III IFVs –
Turkey’s FNSS Savunma Sistemleri armored vehicle manufacturer revealed July 12 that Oman had ordered 172 8×8 Pars III armored vehicles when it announced that the first ones had been delivered.


F-35A engine fire at US Air Force base sparked by strong tailwinds –
U.S. Air Force investigators have found that last September’s F-35A mishap at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, was indeed an uncontained engine fire — albeit one started because of tailwinds present during engine start, not deficiencies with the aircraft’s Pratt and Whitney F135 engine.
Senators call on Army undersecretary nominee to get new tech to soldiers faster –
The Army may be in a readiness crisis, Sen. John McCain said Wednesday, but the Senate is reluctant to pour more money into the service as it blows billions of dollars on failed acquisitions programs.
Navy fix on pilots’ oxygen shortage seen stalled by red tape –
The Navy’s hunt for a solution to its top aviation safety issue — oxygen deprivation and loss of cockpit cabin pressure in its training aircraft and fighters — is hampered by communications breakdowns between engineers and pilots, according to the Senate Armed Services Committee.


Veterans, lawmakers demand answers about Vietnam-era Pentagon tests –
The Pentagon conducted a series of secret chemical and biological weapons tests involving military personnel in the 1960s and 1970s. Veterans groups and members of Congress are demanding to know exactly what happened – and who has suffered.
Lawmakers reach initial deal to expand GI education bill –
Congressional Republicans and Democrats have reached initial agreement on the biggest expansion of college aid for military veterans in a decade, removing a 15-year time limit to tap into benefits and boosting money for thousands in the National Guard and Reserve.