Headlines – June 4, 2018



Pentagon says U.S. can ‘take down’ man-made islands like those in South China Sea –
Amid heightened tensions brewing between China and the U.S. military in the South China Sea, a Pentagon official May 31 said the military has experience “taking down” small islands.
Some of oldest F-35s on the globe are forced to sit, wait for upgrades –
The Marine Corps’ premier F-35 training squadron is churning out new pilots, but low availability of spare parts and the jet’s logistics system continue to cause a headache for the maintainers at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, S.C.


U.S. defense sector braces for Trump tariff fallout –
The Trump administration’s announcement that it will impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Europe, Mexico and Canada may hurt America‘s defense sector and imperil domestic jobs, analysts warn.
Russia has plans for its future nuclear subs, and it involves hypersonic missiles –
Russia’s next generation of multipurpose nuclear submarines, reportedly known as the Husky class, will be armed with hypersonic missiles, with the lead boat slated for launch in 2027, according to an unidentified Russian defense industry official quoted by the TASS news agency May 31.
South Korea to reboot training helicopter acquisition –
The South Korean military’s long-sought purchase of training helicopters has been ruptured due to price issues, prompting the arms procurement agency to prepare a rebidding process for the aircraft acquisition project code-named TH-X.
Two key industry groups hope now is time to push a major change to the defense export process –
With the Trump administration making it clear that American defense sales abroad are a fundamental part of its economic and security plans, two key industry trade groups are hoping now is the time to push through a major change to the defense export process.
Marine Corps F-35s dogged by parts shortages –
The Marine Corps’ premier F-35 training squadron is churning out new pilots, but low availability of spare parts and the jet’s logistics system continue to cause a headache for the maintainers at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort.
Russia’s new Katran drone to enter trials in mid-2018 –
The Katran is designed for fire support and reconnaissance missions, and carries a photo or TV camera, or a thermal imager. It features a co-axial rotor scheme and can land at unpaved airstrips.


It’s official: U.S. Navy has a new ship killer missile –
The U.S. Navy has selected the Norwegian Naval Strike Missile as its new over-the-horizon anti-ship missile destined for the littoral combat ship and likely the service’s future frigate as well.
U.S. Air Force Reapers are now flying ISR missions from Poland –
The U.S. Air Force’s MQ-9 Reaper drone quietly started flights from Miroslawiec Air Base, Poland, in May, but the service isn’t saying exactly why.
This is why Pentagon is taking over security clearance checks –
The Defense Department is poised to take over background investigations for the federal government, using increased automation and high-tech analysis to tighten controls and tackle an enormous backlog of workers waiting for security clearances, according to U.S. officials.
New device could make riding on a Black Hawk more comfortable — and save lives –
For decades, troops traveling in a Black Hawk helicopter to or from a mission had little keeping them in the aircraft except for a web strap or some modified version of that gear with a bungee-type cord for maneuverability.
This silent, all-electric dirt bike could soon drive special operators into battle –
Military gear developers have paid a lot of attention to building a quiet, hybrid dirt bike dubbed the SilentHawk in recent years, but another company has an all-electric model that is even quieter.
See how these new tech items can fix hydration needs for troops on the move –
Lots of military programs aim to reduce the load on troops — from polymer casings in ammunition to lighter body armor and batteries that last longer. But one vital component to any mission involving humans remains an unwieldy obstacle — water.
This detailed report shows which M4 rifle design works the best –
Using a mid-length gas system on an M4A1 carbine extends the life of the weapon system and increases the weapon’s performance over a carbine-length gas system, according to a detailed study by Naval Surface Warfare Center — Crane, obtained by Military Times through a Freedom of Information Act request.


Retired Army General calls on VA leaders to take responsibility for anti-malaria drug side effects –
A retired United States Army General is now calling on the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and other senior military leaders to step up and take responsibility for any psychiatric or physical side effects caused by the antimalarial drug, mefloquine.
Drop in LA’s homeless vets may signal good news nationwide –
Los Angeles County officials saw a sharp drop in the number of homeless veterans during their annual survey earlier this year, good news that experts hope indicates the nationwide number of veterans battling housing problems is back on the decline.
‘VA is not broken’: Outgoing deputy secretary downplays leadership turmoil –
Thomas Bowman said he has confidence in incoming leadership team at the Department of Veterans Affairs, even if he isn’t going to be part of it.

Space & Technology

See how this wetsuit designed for astronauts could help spec ops troops stay warm –
An advanced wetsuit designed for NASA’s next-generation space suit could have military applications both in and out of the water.