Headlines – April 24, 2019



Armed Mexican soldiers confronted US soldiers on US soil –
Two U.S. soldiers in a remote area of Texas were confronted by Mexican soldiers who thought the Americans had crossed into Mexico, U.S. officials said April 23. The Mexican troops reportedly removed a weapon from the American soldier who was armed.
Trump administration appeals ruling finding that the male-only draft is unconstitutional –
The Trump administration has moved to defend the male-only military draft, appealing a federal court ruling that Selective Service registration is unconstitutional because it discriminates based on sex.


U.S. Air Force, not Turkey, is frustrating Lockheed execs on the F-35 program –
Turkey’s purchase of Lockheed Martin’s F-35 is in jeopardy due to its order of a Russian air defense system, but Lockheed executives on April 23 appeared unruffled by the dispute.
U.S. Army picks 5 teams to design new attack recon helicopter –
AVX Aircraft Co. partnered with L-3 Communications Integrated Systems, Bell Helicopter, Boeing, Karem Aircraft and Lockheed Martin-owned Sikorsky have won awards to design a new Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft for the U.S. Army over the next year, the service announced April 23.
Coming soon: More complex, air-launched drone demonstrations –
The U.S. Army will rapidly develop and refine concepts for air-launched unmanned aircraft through a series of demonstrations over the next several years with plans for quick integration into formations, the head of the Army’s Aviation Development Directorate told Defense News.
This Israeli company made a super scope out of a smartphone –
You just need to know how to use a smartphone to become a crack shot claims Sensight, an Israeli company which aims to take even the most average marksman to the Bob Lee Swagger-levels of accuracy.
Ex-DOD official offers path to boost defense-industrial cooperation with U.S. allies –
A former Pentagon acquisitions official has recommended to Congress a series of legal and regulatory changes to ease defense-industrial cooperation between America and its closest allies, including a stronger waiver for U.S. defense-export controls.
Where’s money for Britain’s future littoral strike groups? –
When British Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson announced in February that his ministry would create two “littoral strike groups,” some naval experts turned their heads in confusion.
VT Halter Marine to build new Coast Guard icebreaker –
VT Halter Marine Inc. has been awarded a $745M detailed design and construction contract for the Coast Guard’s next-generation heavy icebreaker, according to an April 23 Pentagon contract announcement.
Lockheed Martin working $2.5B in hypersonic weapon contracts –
Lockheed Martin is working through $2.5 billion in military contracts to develop a variety of hypersonic weapons in a bid to catch up with developments from China and Russia, company chief executive Marillyn Hewson said during a Tuesday earnings calls.


Iranian parliament labels entire U.S. military as terrorists –
Iranian lawmakers on April 23 overwhelmingly approved a bill that labels all U.S. military forces as terrorist, state TV reported, a day after Washington ratcheted up pressure on Tehran by announcing that no country would any longer be exempt from U.S. sanctions if it continues to buy Iranian oil.
Investigators report U.S. military training range woes across Indo-Pacific region –
Some of the military’s premier ranges for training jet and helicopter pilots are antiquated and unable to prep units for conventional war, according to a Defense Department Inspector General report released this week.
U.S., South Koreans begin combined air force drills –
The United States and South Korea have launched joint air force drills, officials said April 23, as the allies maintain efforts to keep military exercises low-key amid nuclear talks with the North.
U.S. soldiers will soon deploy with game-changing night vision that lets them shoot around corners –
U.S. Army soldiers will soon be deploying with game-changing new night vision goggles as the service wraps up the final round of testing this week.
First B-1Bs resume flying after nearly month-long grounding –
The first B-1B Lancer bombers are back in the air after concerns over its ejection seats grounded the entire fleet nearly a month ago, Air Force Global Strike Command said April 23.
Air Force expanding hypersonic technology testing at two Indiana universities –
The U.S. Air Force is expanding its hypersonic testing facilities, relying on university partnerships for its future wind tunnel experiments.
Marines folding F-35B into new Pacific island-hopping concept –
The Marine Corps is learning how to incorporate its new F-35B Joint Strike Fighter jets into its island-hopping concept of Expeditionary Advance Base Operations, with the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit rehearsing this concept recently in the Pacific.