Lancaster honors veterans with new monument at veterans home

In honor of local veterans and their service to our country, the City of Lancaster in California provided an eye-catching monument sign for the William J. “Pete” Knight Veterans Home facility.

The recently installed sign stands proudly at the corner of 30th Street West and Avenue I, in front of the home. 

“Our community is very proud of our local veterans who have so tirelessly served this country. They stand as an inspiring example of courage, selflessness, and fortitude to future generations,” said Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris. “It is an honor to have the opportunity to commemorate their importance to our community through providing this monument sign.”

The city undertook the project in response to a request by a resident of the home.

During the special “Serving Those Who Served” Veterans Breakfast, when the entire council served brunch to the home’s residents, the resident approached the council regarding their need for an eye-catching sign. Such a sign would serve to not only enhance the home’s curb appeal, but increase community awareness of the home, by making it more noticeable to passersby. Construction for this new monument sign was completed last month by a local contractor.

“The installation of this monument sign is a visible demonstration of our appreciation for our local veterans and our gratitude for their service,” said Council Member Ken Mann. “We hope every resident of the William J. ‘Pete’ Knight Veterans Home senses the respect and admiration that the City Council and our community has for them.” 

“The mayor and city council have been very generous in donating the Monument Sign to the William J. “Pete” Knight Veterans Home. The residents and staff are grateful to be the recipients of this generosity,” said Home Administrator Dr. Elvie Ancheta. “The corner sign makes us more recognizable to the members of our community as a whole as they drive by. Our veterans are most proud of their home. The corner sign is a beautiful testament of the community’s support for our precious veterans, who are national treasures.”

Completed in November 2009, the William J. “Pete” Knight Veterans Home of California in Lancaster is a 60-bed residential care facility for the elderly (also known as assisted living), administered by the California Department of Veterans Affairs. The mission of CalVet Homes is “to provide the state’s aged or disabled veterans with rehabilitative, residential, and medical care and services in a home-like environment,” recognizing the immense sacrifice California veterans have made and honoring their dedicated service to our nation. 

For more information about the William J. “Pete” Knight Veterans Home, visit www.calvet.ca.gov/VetHomes/Pages/Lancaster.aspx.

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