Headlines – February 24, 2020


Trump expresses optimism for U.S. peace deal with Taliban-
President Donald Trump said Feb. 23 he’s ready to sign a peace deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan if a temporary truce holds in America’s longest war. “Time to come home,” he said.
U.S. can’t continue tolerating Russian ‘noncompliance’ on Open Skies, says Esper-
The U.S. has yet to make a determination on whether to remain in the Open Skies arms control agreement, but Defense Secretary Mark Esper is warning that America “can’t continue” to tolerate Russian “noncompliance” with the treaty.


Austal launches future expeditionary fast transport-
Alabama shipbuilder Austal USA rolled and launched the future expeditionary fast transport Newport into the Mobile River Feb. 21, three months after the vessel was christened.
Raytheon completes first antenna for U.S. Army’s new missile defense radar-
Raytheon has completed the first radar antenna array for the U.S. Army’s new missile defense radar in less than 120 days after being selected for the job.
‘Europeans don’t have a choice’: Naval Group boss pushes for shipyard consolidation-
Europe’s naval sector has no choice but to consolidate if it is to remain competitive with new entrants on the international market such as China, Russia and South Korea, according to the outgoing CEO of France’s Naval Group.
French-German fighter program cleared for technology demos-
France and Germany this week advanced their joint combat aircraft program, signing an agreement that allows five technology demonstrations to move ahead.
Test pilots sound off on futuristic helicopter vying to replace Army’s Black Hawk-
Test pilots who fly the SB-1 Defiant claim that the futuristic helicopter could get its tail shot off in combat and still fly faster than an undamaged UH-60 Black Hawk.


Troops in South Korea could face loss of services as governments argue over funding-
U.S. troops and their families would face a loss of services with the possible furlough of 9,000 South Korean civilians who work on bases, unless the long-running dispute over how much South Korea pays for the U.S. military presence is resolved, according to Pentagon officials.
Trump moves to cut union bargaining for DOD feds-
President Donald Trump plans to make it possible for Department of Defense leadership to exempt certain federal employees from statutory requirements that allow them to collectively bargain for benefits with agency officials.
U.S. Army’s $7 billion wish list would boost multidomain units and wartime funding-
The U.S. Army’s fiscal 2021 wish list — also known as an unfunded requirements list — sent to Congress amounts to nearly $5 billion more than the service placed on its list last fiscal year, and it would give its multidomain units in Europe and the Indo-Pacific region a boost while providing more padding for its wartime funding account.
Here’s $5.4 billion of stuff the U.S. Navy says it wants but didn’t fit in its FY21 budget request-
You can’t always get what you want.
U.S. Navy’s new nuclear cruise missile starts getting real next year-
The Pentagon intends to create a program of record for a new nuclear-armed, submarine-launched cruise missile in its next budget request, with the goal of deploying the weapon in 7-10 years, according to a senior defense official.
Navy has installed the first drone-stopping laser on a destroyer-
The newest weapon in the Navy’s arsenal is a laser dazzler that can stymie enemy drones threatening surface ships. And now it’s installed aboard an active destroyer.
Convincing Congress: Secretive programs could prove harmful to Air Force funding plans-
The words “classified program” conjure up images of experimental planes, highly advanced super weapons and unidentified flying objects operating under cloak and dagger at Area 51.
Here is first thing Air Force would fund if it had more money in FY21-
Further investments in advanced technologies like the autonomous combat drone known as Skyborg topped the Air Force’s unfunded wish list for fiscal year 2021, beating out the need to buy more F-35s.
TRANSCOM wants to keep 23 tankers DOD cut in 2021-
Gen. Stephen Lyons, head of Transportation Command, wants Congress to reverse the Air Force’s decision to retire 10 KC-10 tanks and 13 KC-135s in 2021, and to scrap planned further reductions in 2022.
Space Force lays out $1 billion in unfunded priorities-
The Space Force is seeking $1 billion from Congress for several unfunded priorities in fiscal year 2021, items that it didn’t include in its $15 billion budget request but would still like Congress to pay for.

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