Aerotech News Digital edition – May 1, 2020


Aerotech News and Review – Digital and Print Journal of Aerospace, Defense Industry and Veteran News, serving the Antelope Valley (“Aerospace Valley”) and Edwards AFB, CA. An Publication. – May 1, 2020


Aerotech News Digital edition - May 1, 2020


Hello, fans and friends, and thanks for checking out the May 1 edition of Aerotech News and Review! We have a “tease” for you on our front page this week, something we REALLY hope we’ll get a taste of here in Aerospace Valley – Operation America Strong, featuring community flyovers by our military aerial demonstration teams, the USAF Thunderbirds and the US Navy Blue Angels. The teams are flying, sometimes together, over select communities nationwide for the next couple of weeks. Schedule information for these flights is being released in a controlled manner, in order to encourage us earthbound spectators to adhere to social distancing protocols in place during the current public health emergency. We are closely monitoring all information sources and will quickly post schedule updates and photos for you on our website,, and on our various social media channels. The Thunderbirds and Blue Angels have visited our communities many times and they KNOW how much we love and appreciate them here, so we’re optimistic that they’ll pass within waving distance! We just have to behave and not ALL go rushing out to BJ’s Corner to watch – OK? DEAL!

Here are some more highlights from this week’s issue of Aerotech News:

All this and much more, in this issue of Aerotech News and Review! We’d like to take a moment and extend sincere thanks and a shout out to our advertisers, who continue their support not only of Aerotech, but of YOU, the defense and military community. Please remember them when you are looking for businesses to support now, and in the future, as we move into the next phase of the fight against COVID-19. Hard copies of this week’s paper will be available at our delivery points which remain open for business throughout the Antelope Valley – and they go quick! Pick one up when you’re out for gas, food and the like, or click on the link below and access a free digital copy, viewable on your computer or mobile device. “Like” our Facebook page for daily news updates – we now regularly cross-post news and features from our entire desert Southwest service area (because we’re ALL in this together!) As always, THANK YOU for your support – it’s our privilege to serve you! Be safe and be well. #aerotechnews #eafbnews #explorethe661, #AerospaceValley