Aerotech News Digital Edition – November 6, 2020

Aerotech News and Review – Digital and Print Journal of Aerospace, Defense Industry and Veteran News, serving the Antelope Valley (“Aerospace Valley”) and Edwards AFB, CA. An AerotechNews.com Publication. – November 6, 2020

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Hello everyone, and thanks for checking out the November 6th edition of Aerotech News and Review! Our focus this week is Veterans Day, coming up Wednesday, Nov. 11. This holiday is always a time of community gathering in Aerospace Valley, with our ties to the military, defense industry and our local veteran population. Now more than ever, it seems important to take this time to come together in unity and appreciation for the service and sacrifice of military personnel, past and present – and, by extension, to give thanks for the providential events in the history of our nation that have enabled us, and our allied partners, to overcome adversaries and advance the values of democracy and freedom. Even in these challenging times, America remains a symbol of freedom and opportunity throughout the world. Let’s take advantage of Veterans Day as an opportunity to express gratitude and give thanks, as we move into the holiday season of one of the most challenging years our generation has faced.
Here are some highlights from this week’s Aerotech News:
  • High Desert Hangar Stories – On behalf of a grateful nation: page 2
  • Palmdale Healing and Honor Field – a safe place to gather, reflect and give thanks: page 3
  • Veterans Day deals and discounts: page 4
  • Five facts to know about Veterans Day: page 5
  • On This Date” photo feature – X-35A, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, first Unknown Soldier entombed at Arlington and more: page 6
All this and much more, in this issue of Aerotech News and Review! Hard copies of this week’s paper will be available beginning November 6th at our usual delivery points throughout the Antelope Valley. Pick one up when you’re out and about, or click on the link below and access a free digital copy. “Like” our Facebook page for daily news updates – we now regularly cross-post news and features from the military bases we serve throughout the desert Southwest, as an extension of our military and defense community. As always, THANK YOU for your support – it’s our privilege to serve you! Hope to see you at the Palmdale Healing and Honor Field, now through November 11. #aerotechnews #eafbnews #explorethe661, #AerospaceValley


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