Headline — October 22


North Korea claims latest missile test didn’t target US
North Korea has hit back at U.S. criticism over its test of a submarine-launched ballistic missile this week, saying it was rightfully exercising its rights for self-defense and that the weapon doesnít specifically target the United States.

36 officials, including five admirals, face potential discipline over Bonhomme Richard fire
The command investigation report’s “accountability” section recommends disciplinary action against 36 Navy officials, from the amphib’s enlisted ranks up to the former three-star head of Naval Surface Force Pacific.




Unwanted Global Hawk drones are being transformed to support hypersonic missile tests
Northrop Grumman is now working to convert four RQ-4s as Range Hawks to gather data on the new breed of hypersonic weapons.

Sikorsky exploring ways to link next-gen helicopters to F-35
The move is part of the company’s increased emphasis on networking all of the weapons it builds, which is running in parallel to a number of Pentagon initiatives to link all of its weapons on the battlefield.

Israel, South Korea to boost collaboration on loitering munitions
Major aerospace companies from Israel and South Korea have agreed to expand their partnership on deadly drone technology.




Fund the F-35 program, lawmakers tell the White House
Senate appropriators threw cold water on the idea of procuring even more F-35s right now, however.

Senate Appropriations Proposes $500 Million Extra for Space Force in 2022
The Senate Appropriations Committee released its version of the 2022 Department of Defense Appropriations Act on Oct. 18, as lawmakers look to provide the Pentagon with its annual budget before the current continuing resolution funding the government expires Dec. 3.

Pentagon squares off with congressional Republicans over vaccine mandate
A political fight looms as vaccine mandate opponents prepare for the Defense Department’s deadlines to come into effect next month.

U.S. must build space ‘superhighway’ before China stakes claims
Brig. Gen. John Olson, who advises CSO Gen. Jay Raymond on space logistics issues, believes the U.S. must rapidly act to take the “first mover advantage” for itself to block Chinese ambitions, which could include territorial claims in space.




Walmart out, CVS in: changes coming to Tricare’s pharmacy network
After three years, Walmart is leaving Tricare’s pharmacy network — a departure that pharmacy benefit manager Express Scripts says is a result of the retail giant’s reluctance to offer “more highly competitive discounts” to military health beneficiaries.

VA begins punitive actions against unvaccinated staff
Employees who refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccine will face counseling first, then escalating punishments until they are fired.

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