Headlines — August 3


Millions of vets suffering from burn pit, toxic injuries set for more benefits after Congress passes PACT Act
Comprehensive toxic exposure legislation that could provide new health care and disability benefits to millions of veterans is headed to the White House to become law after Senate lawmakers ended a week of turmoil surrounding the bill with a strong bipartisan vote.

NATO fortifies Eastern Europe’s defenses under new ‘air shielding’ mission
NATO is building up its defenses in Eastern Europe to fend off Russian aggression in a new effort it calls “air shielding.”

Russia brands Ukrainian steel plant defenders terrorists
Russia’s Supreme Court on Aug. 2 declared Ukraine’s Azov Regiment a terrorist organization, a designation that could lead to terror charges against some of the captured fighters who made their last stand inside Mariupol’s shattered steel plant.




Global military spending hits record high
As the annual defense policy bill makes its way through the halls of Congress, lawmakers are fighting the Biden administration’s proposal to scrap two nuclear investments.

Pentagon’s secret communications network to get upgrade from Booz Allen
The Defense Information Systems Agency extended its Thunderdome cybersecurity contract with Booz Allen Hamilton, citing lessons learned from the Russia-Ukraine war and the need to better secure the Pentagon’s communication system for secrets.

10 biggest DOD contract awards for July 2022
There may be a few steps to work through in order to contract with the DOD, but each month the DOD awards large amounts to a variety of contractors. In July, Army had 50 percent of the 10 biggest contracts. More vaccine awards went out in July, as the government works to be ready for future virus surges. The 10 biggest contracts in July totaled $16,472,333,580, which was $10 billion less than June 2022.

Lockheed to launch space-based testbed for joint all-domain operations
Lockheed Martin plans to launch a three-satellite testbed next year to demonstrate space-enabled joint all-domain operations.

How L3Harris created US special operators’ new plane to hunt and strike terrorists
U.S. Special Operations Command’s new Armed Overwatch aircraft will be able to carry multiple weapons configurations and modular sensors that can be quickly swapped out as well as be disassembled for deployment within hours.

State Department clears weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE
The U.S. State Department on Aug. 2 cleared possible foreign military sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, according to a statement from the Defense Security Cooperation Agency.




Big changes ahead for how troops battle future chemical, biological threats
Over the next few years, troops working closely with chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats will get new suits, gloves and better detection devices.

Iron Dome intercepts targets, works with US systems in Army test
The U.S. Army has completed an interceptor test of the Iron Dome air defense system, the second event of its kind since two batteries were supplied to the service at the end of 2020.

After RIMPAC, sailor feedback shows evolving view of unmanned vessels: Officials
Sailors operating the USVs at RIMPAC were more concerned about what the drones could do, rather than how they were controlled.




Remains of Revolutionary War soldiers killed in 1777 found in NJ field
In a remarkable find that adds a new chapter to New Jersey’s distinguished Revolutionary War history, the 245-year-old remains of a group of soldiers have been found in a field in Gloucester County near the site of a key battle in the nation’s fight for independence.

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