Get out of the dorms

One of the biggest issues with today’s generation is getting out of bed in the morning and staying away from electronics.

That said, the military today is no different. Ask any Airman living in the dorms what plans he has for the weekend and most of the time you will get an answer similar to, “Videogames and Netflix.” Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that but doing the same thing every day during the week then again on the weekends can lead a person down a dark path to loneliness and depression.

For most enlisted members, it’s their first time away from home and family. Thankfully the Air Force foresees this and does its part by supporting the 56th Force Support Squadron Outdoor Recreation Center here on base.

Outdoor Recreation has equipment for anything outdoors. Last-minute camping trip? No problem. They will have you covered from tents and sleeping bags to campers and grills. Renting through the recreation center will help keep your trips more affordable. I was able to get everything I needed for a cold mountain camping trip through their rentals for less than it would have taken me to go to the store and buy a nice sleeping bag. Considering I have nothing to go camping with, I think that’s a pretty good deal. I was a happy camper sitting in my rented chair, curled in my sleeping bag and roasting marshmallows around a fire with my friends.

If camping in the cold mountains isn’t your thing, they have rentals for a day at the lake. The rec center has paddle boards, canoes and even bikes to ride around Lake Pleasant for the day. A nice thing about living in Arizona is that it never gets too cold here, which leaves it open to rent all year long if it’s something you enjoy doing.

The outdoor recreation center has a program that, when funded, gives unbelievable deals to single Airmen. The center has offered trips to the shooting range, hang gliding, extreme rope courses and sky diving.

More deals like this will be offered after the New Year. In the meantime, check out the amazing rentals the center has to offer. When going, be prepared to be greeted with a smile so infectious you’ll have a smile of your own as you leave.

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