Chaplain’s thoughts …

Quite regularly, Luke Air Force Base has a base-wide exercise. It’s a time when the security of the base and its people are tested. It’s a time that helps us all prepare for any potential disaster no matter its source.

Each of us faces spiritual disasters in our lives, too, don’t we? There are times when our resiliency is sorely tested. So the question comes to mind, “What kind of life-exercise will help us prepare when spiritual disasters come our way?”

Jesus gave us two great commandments – two distillations of the Ten Commandments – to use as means of preparing for spiritual disasters. The first is to love God above all else. The second is to love others as we love ourselves.

Each day we all have an opportunity to show our love for God – to show our love for others, don’t we? It might be something as simple as pointing out the direction to a building someone is seeking on base. Or, it might be the tough-love of reminding someone they are “out-of-line.”

In the Air Force it’s called being a good wingman. Standing by others in their need, no matter how challenging, is how we live out our commitment to be good wingmen. It’s how we prepare our own resilience in fighting off spiritual disasters, isn’t it

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