Chaplain’s thoughts …


Bucket list …

I did it! I really did. On President’s Day I actually checked off one of my “bucket list” items. My wife and I went hiking in the White Tank Mountains. Not too impressive but, the fact that I have been on station for more than a year made this minor accomplishment that much sweeter. So yippee, I have one item checked off.

Many families face this difficulty of completing their bucket list at each assignment. After all there is so much to do and see. Things like skiing, hiking, visiting Grand Canyon, going to professional sporting events, Disneyland, etc. But then life happens and you just don’t get around to it.

Let’s be honest, this thing called a J-O-B can get in the way. Then family obligations, school and a host of other “important” things get in the way, not to mention the money it takes to do these things. Before you know it, you have orders to your next assignment and a bucket list that is still full.

How to solve this dilemma? One can address the demand side and just lower the bucket list items to things like visiting the Super Walmart or a super mega buffet restaurant. Or, we can address the supply side and become more disciplined at organizing our down time, leave days and federal holidays in order to complete the list. At the heart of this is the setting of realistic goals, communicating with our families and being self-motivated to fulfill the list.

So are you ready to work on your bucket list? Looking ahead, the next weekend is … tomorrow. The next federal holiday is Memorial Day in May. Oh and how many leave days are you sitting on? So get motivated and work a plan to strike off some items on your bucket list and enjoy some time with family and friends.

Thanks for your service and sacrifice.