Chaplain’s thoughts …


There is an ancient saying in Latin that reads “Carpe Diem” or in English, “Seize the opportunity.” It’s a saying that is often used in the business world, but is equally essential in every-day life.

The scriptures relate many instances of people taking an opportunity that was not only risky but also one filled with rewards.

One such instance was when David of the Old Testament used a slingshot to kill mighty Goliath who led the massive Philistine army against Israel. Because David risked his life to save the people of Israel, God rewarded him by making him a king. He seized an opportunity to do God’s will in a very special way when he was given a chance.

The question comes to mind, “Do we seize the opportunity to do God’s will with our lives when we are given a chance?” David inherited faith in God from his family, a family like our own. Each day we, too, are offered opportunities to use our faith to help the Lord build his Kingdom.

Often, those opportunities come along because we believe in being good wingmen. Sometimes being a good wingman asks little more of us than a friendly hello when we see someone who is “down in the dumps.” Other times, being a good wingman might very well mean sacrificing our life to save that of another Airman.

No matter the occasion, seizing those opportunities means not being surprised by the miracles that follow us. It’s just being a good wingman, isn’t it?