Chaplain’s thoughts …


Blessed by a touch

It was a chapel event, not unlike other chapel events in that it featured food as a part of the festivities. During the meal I greeted a couple from our congregation. They were enjoying their meal, and as I passed behind them I leaned over, placed my hands on their shoulders, and wished them well with some innocuous words, which I really can’t recall. In that brief exchange, the wife reached out and gently touched my face. It was an unexpected gesture, yet a meaningful act that conveyed love and acceptance. With a simple touch a thousand words of blessing and healing were silently spoken.

In the book “The Blessing” by Gary Smalley and John Trent, the authors speak of the ancient practice of a blessing being handed down from generation to generation. The application of this practice is still with us; indeed we can bless others in our daily lives. Smalley and Trent list meaningful touch, kind words and envisioning a bright future as some of the ways that a blessing can be conveyed. As I experienced, a blessing can indeed be extended through a meaningful touch. Simple acts such as a warm handshake, a pat on the back, or a hug can bring near miraculous benefits to those we seek to bless and encourage.

I’m certain my friend had no idea how much she blessed me that day. Be assured you are a blessing to others in more ways than you know. Indeed, it’s likely you have unknowingly encouraged and strengthened someone today.

Thanks for your service and sacrifice.