So Close Yet So Far

The 56th Medical Group flag football team played against the 56th Equipment Maintenance Squadron team March 28, 2016 at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona.

This game was considered a failsafe for the 56th EMS team, but for the 56th MDG, losing this game meant losing the entire championship.

“Out of eleven teams it came down to these two games and we were all out there ready to make it happen,” said Tech. Sgt. Joseph Alvarez, 56th MDG team member.  “Our team did very well in this tournament. We worked hard all season to get this far.”

The game began with both teams moving the chains back and forth, until the 56th MDG scored their first touchdown after an interception in the first ten minutes of the first half.

“I thought our offense was effective, but we weren’t able to capitalize in the red zone,” Senior Airman Dylan Vogel, 56th MDG team quarterback. “Their offense wasn’t able to move the ball on our defense, so I was feeling really confident.”

After half-time, the two teams continued to drive back and forth until the 56th MDG team intercepted a pass and returned it for a huge gain. The drive ended with Vogel throwing a touchdown pass, giving the 56th MDG a 13 point lead.

“The overall season was lengthy and felt longer than an NFL season.” Alvarez said. “It was fun because we’ve never made it this far. We had a great group of athletes.”

The 56th MDG went on to the final championship game against the 56th EMS to lose 14-12.

“We went out and completely dominated the first game defensively,” Vogel said. “I didn’t want to take it for granted going into the next game. We kept building on the positive, but in the end we lost. I look forward to building on it for next year.”


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