Chaplain’s thoughts … The Pillar of Spirituality


We all talk to ourselves, don’t we? Someone once quipped: “That is because we like the answers we get.”

Funny as that might be (it is true enough), there is more to this phenomenon than that.

More often than not, what we are really doing is talking with God, aren’t we? Time and again, this conversation boosts our confidence, helps us to do what is right and just. Likewise, this internal conversation with God, this praying, can bring us peace in times of personal turmoil.

Sometimes, though, the personal upheaval may be so strong that just “mulling it over in our mind” may not be enough to bring us some sort of peace.

It is in those times that we can turn to chaplains for help. Why?

The Lord has said to us, “Come to me all you who are burdened and I will give you peace.”

Chaplains and chaplain assistants are often the most direct source of the peace we are seeking from God.

In the final analysis, living in God’s peace is what the Pillar of Spirituality is all about, isn’t it?