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A message for every Airman, especially Chaplain Corps personnel: It’s a privilege to serve

I shared something similar to this with my team recently. If it sounds a little preachy, well consider the fact that I’m a chaplain … Hope you enjoy it.

You’ve been given the privilege of serving in the U.S. Air Force. It is an honor, which few citizens ever experience.

Why? Because most cannot meet the requirements of enlistment. Not everyone has the gumption, nor the intestinal fortitude to serve. Not everyone is willing to pay the price, take the risks and endure the hardships of military service. However, you have raised your hand, and been chosen to serve your country.

Therefore, you serve with distinction and honor. You serve knowing it’s the hardest challenge and the greatest privilege of your life. You have the privilege of wearing our nation’s uniform; you have the privilege of working with highly dedicated and motivated Airmen who endeavor to hold to the core values of integrity, service and excellence. You have the privilege of walking where they walk, serving where they serve, enduring the hardships they endure including long hours, deployments and family separation to name just a few.

So it’s an honor to serve, an honor that must never be taken lightly. Please don’t squander the opportunity to do good, to take care of our Airmen, to support them in times of loss, and to find out what troubles and concerns them. Much of your job is to see them, to hear their stories, and discover what makes them unique.

I have lived and served long enough to discover that time really does fly. The time between “baby chaplain” and “wing chaplain” is brief indeed (and I took the long road to get here). So take advantage of every opportunity, seize the day, press on and do good at every turn. May every aspect of your service be marked by a love for country, fidelity to your faith tradition and a love for our Airmen; for they are the reason we serve.

Thanks for your service and sacrifice.

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