CSAF letter to Airmen

Fellow Airmen,
I am now completing my first month as the 21st Chief of Staff. What an honor to serve with you!

Attached is the first in a series of short papers I will share that outlines my thinking in key focus areas. You will find each in our Strategic Master Plan and Air Force Future Operating Construct; and each nests nicely under SecAF’s priorities of: Taking Care of Airmen; Balancing Today’s Readiness with Future Modernization; and Making Every Dollar Count.

First up: The Beating Heart of the Air Force … Squadrons! If we are to achieve the aspirations laid out in the SMP and AFFOC, I believe we must have a solid foundation organizationally. Our own AFIs state that “squadrons are the basic, building block organizations in the Air Force, providing a specific operational or support capability.” I have always believed this to be true and so I am convinced it is where we need to start. This applies equally to our support organizations that may not align under a squadron construct, but actively support squadrons in executing their missions.

Thank you for your continued dedication as we work to find the opportunities presented in every challenge we face together.

Fight’s on!

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