Chapel hosts faith and leadership seminar for Airmen

Steve Fedyski, chief operating officer at Pure Flix Entertainment, speaks during a Faith and Leadership seminar at Luke Air Force Base, Ariz., Aug. 23, 2017. The seminar, sponsored by the Luke Chapel, was held to teach Airmen how to balance their faith and work.

The 56th Fighter Wing Chapel team hosted a Faith and Leadership Seminar at the Academic Training Center at Luke Air Force Base, Ariz., Aug. 23, 2017.

“Our desire is to develop Airmen and help them find the balance of faith and leadership within the Air Force parameters of good order and discipline,” said Maj. David Barns, 56th FW deputy wing chaplain. “These seminars provide tools to help ‘Airmen leaders’ find the balance to remain true to their conviction, but also uphold standards.”

The guest speaker for the day, Steve Fedyski, is the Chief Operating Officer at Pure Flix Entertainment. He shared with the crowd of Airmen his experiences of how leading with courageous faith is important to him.

“Many people would agree that leadership is influence,” Fedyski said. “The ability of one person influences another. But, having courageous faith-led leadership is influencing God’s people towards God’s purposes. It begins with the heart, our attitude and with our mind.”

During the seminar a few videos from Pure Flix were played to inspire Airmen and also inform them on how influence from the different style of religious and spiritual entertainment differs from other films.

“Most of these influences affect those who we overlook,” Fedyski said. “It could be family, friends or coworkers, those who mean dear to us. It takes courageous faith to go head on with the ever changing world.”

Fedyski is the world leader in producing and distributing faith and family media and is committed to developing and discipling leaders to live out their God-calling.

“I follow the ten C’s of Courageous and Faithful Leadership: Cornerstone, Character, Confidence, Commitment, Conviction, Courage, Coachable, Consistent, Connection and Compassion,” Fedyski said. “With these guidelines, I believe you can make a great leader. Don’t be afraid to be held accountable, because to whom much is given much is expected. Lead with love.”

Not matter how technical our operations become at the 56 Fighter Wing, maintaining spiritual resiliency is a vital task for every Airman.


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